14 MW Biomass Boiler Power Plant Cost

August 28, 2020

Biomass boiler is the most widely used boiler besides gas boiler at present. Biomass boiler fuel is the use of biomass. Biomass is a new kind of fuel, such as crop straw, industrial production of waste, forest and animal husbandry waste can be used as biomass fuel. Straw as fuel, the content of toxic gas and dust generated after combustion is much lower than that of coal, and the discharge rate is far lower than the national standard. It is a very environmentally friendly boiler.

14 MW is equivalent to 20 tons of biomass boiler, fuel adaptability is widely suitable for combustion molding biomass fuel, but also pure coal burning or mixed coal burning and molding biomass fuel, long service life, is a highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection products. In addition to the advantages of biomass boiler clean energy, another point is the low cost, which for the boiler users is a very important factor; Take a 6 ton boiler as an example, the heat of the 6 ton boiler is 3.6 million kilocalories. Suppose the calorific value of biomass fuel used is 4500 kilocalories, and the thermal efficiency of the biomass boiler used is 85%. That works out to 3.6 million kilocalories / 4,500 kilocalories /85%*24= 22,588 kilograms of fuel. If it is cold or high altitude area, it is calculated according to the lowest standard; if the temperature is relatively moderate, it can be calculated according to the highest standard.

DZL biomass fired steam boiler

DZL biomass fired steam boiler

Biomass boiler features:

  1. Double drum arrangement
  2. Set secondary inlet air
  3. Multi-stage smoke circulation
  4. Intelligent control system
  5. Fuel energy saving and environmental protection
  6. Low emissions

At present, environmental protection policies are being carried out all over the country. When purchasing industrial boilers, users need to understand the local environmental protection policies. According to the policies, fuel should be selected to determine whether biomass fuel is feasible in the local area and what dust removal equipment should be equipped, such as wet dust collector and bag dust collector.

Quotation is mainly divided into two parts: one is the main body of the boiler; the second is boiler auxiliaries. The price of the host is relatively easy to determine. The choice of the auxiliary machine is various, the auxiliary machine brand, the quantity, the material choice is different, the quotation is all different. In addition, the price depends on auxiliary parts, freight, installation and maintenance costs.

15 ton dzl coal fired steam boiler

15 ton dzl coal fired steam boiler

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ZOZEN Company has a variety of models of biomass boilers, including DZL series of quick-mounted chain grate biomass boilers, SZL series of assembled chain grate biomass boilers, DHL series of biomass boilers, etc. In addition, the price of biomass boilers according to the model and specifications of the boiler configuration is different, ZOZEN produced biomass boilers in 2 – 35 tons of steam tons, welcome according to the specific boiler model and demand consultation online customer service or direct call.

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