10 Tph Biomass Boiler for Garment Plant

July 27, 2022

In the garment production process of garment plant, ironing is very important and there is a great demand for stable and high temperature steam. ZOZEN’s SZL series biomass boiler has a double boiler set-up with large steam storage space, full fuel combustion and high thermal efficiency. This boiler is a large boiler equipment that produces good quality steam and is widely used in various industrial production processes such as distillation, sterilization, disinfection, ironing, drying, etc. Wherever steam is needed, industrial steam boilers can be used.

The 10 tph biomass steam boiler can produce 10 tons steam per hour, and the double-boiler longitudinal structure chain grate boiler has a high degree of automation, which can realize mechanized feeding. This SZL series biomass boiler has wide applicability of fuel types and can directly use rice husk, straw, corn cob, peanut shell, palm shell, wood chips, wood chips and other kinds of crops as fuel, which has very good economic benefits and effectively helps enterprises to reduce fuel costs.

10tons biomass fired steam boiler

10tons biomass fired steam boiler

ZOZEN can customize biomass boiler system according to the production characteristics and actual steam consumption of enterprises. The 10 tph SZL type biomass steam boiler model SZL10-1.25-M, with a rated working pressure of 1.25Mpa, can produce high temperature steam of 194℃, and the fuel is fully combusted on the grate with micro positive pressure, and the thermal efficiency reaches 83% to meet the demand of steam for enterprise production.

According to the high pressure, high quality and fluctuating load of steam used in the garment factory, two 10-steam-ton biomass steam boilers were purchased from ZOZEN Boiler and used in parallel to ensure the processing and production needs of the garment factory while flexibly adjusting the load to achieve the purpose of efficient use of steam.

The 10 ton SZL series biomass boiler is an assembly boiler, consisting of two parts: the boiler body and the chain grate. The unique reciprocating grate equipment design changes the traditional boiler structure, and the internal space of the boiler is greatly improved, which can make the biofuel burn more fully, plus the secondary air supply oxygen, which makes the fuel in use without waste and higher thermal efficiency.

assembly chain grate boiler

assembly chain grate boiler

Besides in garment factory, ZOZEN produced 10 tons steam boiler also has successful cases in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, building materials, foam, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries. If you are looking for a quality boiler supplier, ZOZEN boiler factory is strong and experienced in projects, and can produce more than 400 models of boiler products, welcome to contact online customer service, email, WhatsApp, etc. for more details.

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