10 Tons Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Palm Oil Mills

August 24, 2022

Usually, industrial boilers using palm shells as fuel belong to one type of biomass boilers. ZOZEN produces SZL series 10 tons palm shell fired boiler, this type of product is the first choice for small and medium-sized production enterprises in various industries, with the advantages of fast rise in steam pressure, stable operation and sufficient output, providing high-quality and stable heat source for enterprise production, effectively ensuring production efficiency and product quality.

SZL series 10 tons palm shell fired boiler is a double pot longitudinal chain grate boiler, which can meet the needs of heating, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, medicine, building materials, brewing, rubber, hospitals and other types of steam temperature. Meanwhile, ZOZEN design team will optimize the boiler structure with the production characteristics of enterprises and design the boiler system reasonably according to the characteristics of different fuels, including wood chips, palm shell, straw, rice husk, corn cob and other kinds of crops to ensure the high efficiency and energy saving and stable operation of the boiler.

10tph biomass fired steam boiler

10tph biomass fired steam boiler

10 Tons 1.25 MPa Palm Shell Fired Boiler for Indonesian Oil Mill

The customer is mainly engaged in refining CPO in Indonesia and needs a high efficiency industrial steam boiler as heating equipment in the production process, and palm shell as a production waste as fuel can effectively save the boiler fuel cost. The customer found ZOZEN Boiler through an internet search and proposed to purchase a steam boiler using palm shells as fuel. ZOZEN engineers contacted the customer at the first time after obtaining the customer’s demand, introduced the relevant cases of biomass boilers for the customer, and also took the initiative to invite the customer to visit the boiler production workshop online, so that the customer intuitively felt the real strength of ZOZEN.

The SZL10-1.25-T model biomass steam boiler has the characteristics of being less prone to ash accumulation, highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and the boiler can run normally for a long time. At the same time, considering the combustion characteristics according to the palm shell, ZOZEN technicians also optimize the boiler feed hopper, furnace arch, air distribution, etc., with the use of tilting reciprocating grate, so that the fuel can be fully burned, improve the boiler’s fuel utilization rate and save certain fuel costs. At present, the boiler project has completed on-site installation and system commissioning under the guidance of ZOZEN engineers, and has maintained stable operation.

industrial chain grate boiler

industrial chain grate boiler

ZOZEN has over 30 years of industrial boiler manufacturing and sales experience, and has completed 15,580 successful projects with customers from various industries. Biomass boilers are ZOZEN’s star product for export overseas, and customers are very satisfied with the operation of the product and ZOZEN’s service. Whether you are a corporate purchasing manager or an engineer, whether you have knowledge of industrial boilers or not, ZOZEN will provide customers with selection and boiler system solutions, welcome to contact us for consultation via online inquiry, email, WhatsApp.

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