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December 16, 2020

Wood biomass boiler has been chosen by many users to replace coal-fired boilers because of their renewable fuel, which helps to save energy and improve the environment. A boiler is a heat conversion device that produces heat through the combustion of biomass fuel and converts water into steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier with a certain amount of heat. The hot water or steam generated in boilers can directly provide the heat energy needed for industrial production and people’s life, and can also be converted to mechanical energy by steam power plants or to electrical energy by generators.

10 ton dzl wood biomass boiler

10 ton dzl wood biomass boiler

The combustion system of biomass boiler is composed of burners, fans, igniters and other components. The biomass fuel is first preheated in the burner and then transferred to the furnace by a fan for combustion. The granular fuel of biomass boiler contains very high volatiles. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the volatiles precipitation temperature, the igniter fuel can be ignited and burned rapidly under the condition of wind. When the biomass boiler’s fuel combustion is stable and there is a certain open fire in the rear arch area, the biomass boiler’s thermal efficiency can be improved by adjusting the opening of each damper in the grate. Biomass boiler damper opening regulation generally requires the front damper open, the rear damper as small as possible.

DZL series wood biomass steam boiler, for a single boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler, fast installation factory. The boiler body is arranged in the longitudinal direction of a single boiler barrel, the threaded firework pipe inside the boiler barrel forms the convection heating surface, the boiler barrel and the water cooling walls on both sides constitute the furnace radiation heating surface, and there is a economizer at the end, the ash and slag removed can be directly used as farm manure, which is a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection product. It is equipped with an induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation and a screw slag extruder to realize mechanical slag discharge, complete control and monitoring instruments, and safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

In the industry of central heating, stable and reliable steam output is very important, ZOZEN produced 10 ton biomass steam boiler DZL10-1.25-T, this boiler product has wide fuel adaptability, long service life, is also recognized as a highly efficient energy-saving environmental protection boiler product. At the same time, the input cost of biomass energy is relatively low, so biomass boilers are widely used in urban industrial parks and industrial parks to meet the heating needs of the parks.

biomass-fired steam boiler

biomass-fired steam boiler

All products of ZOZEN boiler adopt advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology, and all longitudinal and circumferential welds are 100% radiographic flaw detection, which ensures the welding quality. After the boiler is installed and put into use, the steam boiler operates stably with strong output and full combustion of biomass fuel, saving a large amount of fuel costs for heating enterprises. Please contact us at zhulin@zozen.com or our online customer service.

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