ZOZEN Gas Fired Package Boiler Manufacturer

January 19, 2023

ZOZEN produces gas fired package boiler in which the boiler manufacturer completes the installation of the boiler components during the production process, transports them to the installation site after inspection and acceptance, lifts them onto the boiler foundation, and then, after inspection and acceptance, installs the external piping and is ready for commissioning. This kind of boiler with quick-assembly structure can effectively shorten the installation time and occupy a small area, which is usually more suitable for small production enterprises or users with tight project time.

ZOZEN has advanced production process equipment in the industrial boiler manufacturing industry. By introducing these automated advanced equipment, the manufacturer has now achieved a CNC rate of over 80% for undercutting, realizing high processing accuracy of boiler components and ensuring the quality of boiler welding and assembly.

ZOZEN gas fired package boiler

ZOZEN gas fired package boiler

In the manufacturing process of boilers, ZOZEN boiler factory set up material into the factory re-inspection, material inspection number transfer, welding test plate, heat treatment, pre-expansion before welding, flaw detection inspection, hydraulic test seven process stopping points, by different seven responsible division respectively, any one link failed, can not proceed to the next process. In addition, advanced measurement and testing equipment, Rockwell hardness tester, metallurgical microscope, inspection, impact testing machine and other inspection equipment are available, also provides a strong guarantee for the manufacture of high-quality industrial gas steam boilers.

ZOZEN boiler manufacturer has always adhered to the “customer first, service-oriented” purpose, to implement the “24-hour hotline on standby, within 2 hours to the scene, free maintenance within 12 months” service commitment, and service throughout the pre-sale, sale, after-sales process, to effectively address user needs, improve user experience, and constantly optimize the quality of service.

oil gas water tube boiler 10 ton

oil gas water tube boiler 10 ton

ZOZEN is an industrial boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years’ experience in industrial boiler manufacturing, holding Class A boiler manufacturing license, BRII pressure vessel manufacturing license, ASME standard “S” (power boiler), “U” ( Pressure Vessel) permit steel seal, and fully passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. We have rich project experience both at home and abroad, welcome to consult at any time for more project information.

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