ZOZEN 1 Ton Condensing Steam Boiler

February 7, 2023

The condensing gas boiler is one of the hot products in the industrial boiler market, with high efficiency, low energy consumption and low NOx emission, which effectively saves the operating cost for enterprises. Take 1 ton boiler as an example, the gas consumption is 72 cubic meters per hour, which is more effective in saving fuel cost compared with traditional boilers.

ZOZEN condensing steam boiler used in dairy factory

ZOZEN condensing steam boiler used in dairy factory

In conventional boilers, the exhaust temperature is generally 160-250°C, making the water produced during fuel combustion in the flue gas in a superheated state of water vapor, which is lost with the flue gas from the chimney. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of traditional boilers can generally only reach about 85%. Condensing steam boiler, on the other hand, lower the exhaust temperature to 50-70°C through condensing technology, fully recovering the moist heat in the flue gas and the latent heat of condensation of water vapor, with a thermal efficiency of more than 95%.

ZOZEN’s condensing gas steam boilers have a wide range of fuels, high thermal efficiency and fully automatic and safe operation with the control system configured in the boiler system. ZOZEN’s condensing gas 1 ton steam boiler is the WNS series, which are easy to transport and install because of their quick-assembly structure, and only need to be connected to external piping after delivery to the project site.

control system of industrial gas boiler

control system of industrial gas boiler

The WNS series condensing gas boilers developed by ZOZEN Boiler are well received by customers for their high thermal efficiency of 98% and low NOx emission of less than 30mg, and are widely used in various industries such as food, paper, electronics, construction, heating, cable, tobacco, etc.

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, ZOZEN industrial steam boiler manufacturer has been committed to industrial boiler research and development, production and sales, has a wealth of experience in industrial boiler projects, for domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to provide high-quality industrial boiler system solutions, according to the actual needs of users reasonable selection, to ensure stable operation while saving investment costs. Welcome to contact us at any time for more details about 1 ton condensing steam boiler.

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