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August 8, 2022

Biomass wood chip steam boiler is a new type of industrial steam boiler that uses wood chips as fuel. ZOZEN, as an experienced wood chip steam boiler manufacturer, can produce biomass wood chip boilers with capacities from 2 tons to 35 tons. According to the production characteristics of different industries, ZOZEN technical team can also customize the steam boiler system for customers to ensure that the steam boiler better matches the industrial production and provides stable and high quality steam.

SZL series of biomass-fired water tube boiler is a chain grate boiler, so the fuel is generally solid fuel, in addition to the use of wood chips, but also directly use palm shells, peanut shells, corn cobs, straw, rice husk, coconut shells and other crops, can effectively reduce fuel costs. SZL series assembled chain grate boiler includes the boiler body and combustion system, this assembled structure is easy to transport and install.

SZL series biomass fired steam boiler

SZL series biomass fired steam boiler

The 8 ton biomass boiler is used in the packaging industry. The purchasing manager of the packaging company approached ZOZEN to inquire about the biomass boiler product used to provide stable steam for the packaging line. After learning more about ZOZEN’s capabilities and service experience, the customer decided to purchase an SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler system manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler. The SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler designed and supplied by ZOZEN Boiler can choose different grates according to different fuels, and also set different independent air bins according to the tonnage of the boiler to adjust the air distribution according to the combustion condition, thus ensuring the full combustion of the fuel. The boiler system is also equipped with advanced intelligent control system, which can automatically control fuel supply, ash discharge and slag discharge, with high degree of automation and easy operation.

There are many industries that use industrial steam boilers, including power plants, chemical plants, paper mills, food plants, beverage plants, feed plants and so on. When users purchase boilers, they may not be aware of the size of the boiler they are using. ZOZEN boilers reasonably design the relevant structure according to the characteristics of different fuels to ensure efficient energy saving and stable operation of the boiler; solving the problems of ash formation, coking, wear and tear, burning front arch, burning hopper, etc.

8000kg wood chips steam boiler

8000kg wood chips steam boiler

ZOZEN has rich experience in biomass boiler manufacturing, engaged in industrial boiler production and sales for more than 30 years, served customers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, successfully completed 15,580 cases, providing high-quality industrial boiler products for various industries, if you are interested in ZOZEN boiler plant, or have boiler procurement needs, welcome to contact the consultation through online customer service, email, WhatsApp.

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