WNS Natural Gas-fired Boilers Egypt

November 23, 2020

Natural gas-fired boilers produced by ZOZEN boiler include WNS series and SZS series, both of which adopt large furnace design with thermal efficiency as high as 98% and NOx emission as low as 30mg/Nm3. The front and rear smoke boxes adopt the seal structure created by ZOZEN to ensure no leakage of smoke. At the same time, it has the characteristics of fully automatic and safe operation.

wns natural gas-fired boilers

wns natural gas-fired boilers

WNS series horizontal boiler is three-pass wetback oil-fired and gas-fired boiler. Boiler working principle: after the fuel is atomized by the burner, the formed torch is filled in the full waveform furnace, and transmits radiant heat through the furnace wall. This process is the first return journey. The high temperature flue gas generated by combustion converged in the backburner room and turned into the second return journey, namely the area of the pipe bundle of the threaded pipe. After convection heat transfer, the flue gas temperature gradually decreased and then turned into the third return journey, namely the area of the light pipe bundle, and then flowed into the chimney through the back smoke box and finally discharged into the atmosphere.

Industrial natural gas-fired boilers are clean energy boilers, which are safe, reliable, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, easy to maintain, durable, automatic intelligent control and other characteristics. The gas-fired boiler is widely used in chemical industry, food industry, building materials industry, paper factory, packaging factory, clothing textile factory, printing and dyeing factory, hospital, school, hotel, greenhouse, cannery, winery, coating factory, swimming pool, water washing factory and other industries with a lot of steam demand have successful cases.

WNS Gas Steam Boiler for Wine Industry

In the brewing process of wine, most of the production technology is inseparable from steam, so the steam boiler has a pivotal position in the brewing industry, the stability and quality of steam generated by the boiler plays a decisive role in the purity and output of wine. Our sales manager provides customers with 4T/H WNS series gas-fired steam boilers according to the actual steam usage in the production line of the brewing company. This energy-saving and environmental friendly natural gas steam boiler adopts large diameter corrugated furnace with full fuel combustion, steam output and high quality. With the high-efficiency heat transfer element threaded pipe, the thermal efficiency can be up to 98%; Equipped with international advanced low nitrogen combustion machine, NOx emission can be lower than 30mg/Nm3, better than the national level 1 energy efficiency standard.

4 ton gas-fired steam boiler

4 ton gas-fired steam boiler

ZOZEN has been focusing on boiler research and development and manufacturing for more than 30 years, and has been highly praised by many customers with its high-performance products and efficient services. We produce steam boiler, hot water boiler and thermal oil boiler, suitable for various industries, welcome to contact us for detailed consultation.

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