The Mean of WNS Series Best Sale Boiler

January 15, 2020

WNS is a common parameter for automatic gas (oil) boilers. The meaning of each letter is:

W: Horizontal. The boiler is lying according to the design. The exhaust gas flow generated by the operation of the boiler is horizontal, the hot gas flow is upward, and the exhaust gas temperature is high or low on the same section.

N: Internal combustion. After the fuel is burned, all the flue gas and slag do not need to be heated and directly mixed with the working medium (water) for heating. The flue gas and steam are output as the working medium to perform work. The flame is burned in the center of the drum through the furnace tube.

S: Room burning. Fuel is pulverized (solid fuel, such as pulverized coal), mist (liquid fuel, such as oil), and gas (gas fuel, such as natural gas) is injected into the furnace (combustion chamber) with air for suspension combustion.


gas fired hot water boiler


Steam boilers play a very important role both in industrial production and in people’s lives. For any enterprise or person, a higher quality steam boiler is required, because as long as a high-quality steam boiler can meet various needs in industrial production and life, quality assurance is the key to using a steam boiler.


The main role of the steam boiler is to provide high-quality steam to provide people with the required thermal energy. If any problems occur during the use, it will cause very serious consequences in both industry and life. Steam can help people live and produce, and it can also endanger the human body. Once a steam boiler has a gas leak or other phenomena, the consequences can’t be compensated by anyone. For most people, what they need is a high-quality steam boiler so that they can be more assured and safe when using it. So how can you buy a high-quality steam boiler? This has become a very serious problem. Once the purchased steam boiler is not qualified, it will affect many aspects.


WNS hot water boiler


There are so many steam boilers on the market today. This will make consumers dazzle, and I don’t know what kind of steam boiler is really high quality. When buying a steam boiler, you can identify the brand for purchase. You must know that any brand has been built by the company for many years. They will not joke about their own brand, so they will pay special attention to quality inspection during production. Only after the quality inspection work is done can we guarantee that every boiler leaving the factory is of high quality.

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