The Importance of Boiler in Industry

September 16, 2020

Boiler is a kind of heat exchange equipment, through the combustion of fuel, the chemical energy in the fuel is changed into heat energy, and this heat energy is transferred to the heat conducting medium (common is water and heat conducting oil), so that the medium is changed into steam with the required thermodynamic parameters. Simply speaking, boiler in industry is an industrial heating equipment that heats materials and makes them undergo physical and chemical changes.


In the power equipment of various industrial enterprises, the boiler is a very important part. Most industrial enterprises use steam or high temperature hot water to heat, dry, disinfect, keep heat or heat in winter, etc. Some industrial and mining enterprises also use steam as power. Oil fields and refineries have such demands. In addition, it is used for domestic hot water supply. With the improvement of living standards, in addition to the boiler is widely used in the industrial industry, the demand in life is also very large.


szs gas fired boiler in industry

szs gas fired boiler in industry

The Importance of Safety to Boilers

As special equipment, the safety of boiler in industry is very important. Blow-up once the boiler and its damage force is bigger, not only fly out of furnace or components can cause damage, and the greater the damage was due to the boiler in blasting, the pot pressure drop, high temperature saturated water by itself, the latent heat of vaporization, hundreds of thousands of times to bulk up volume, a shock wave, flooding the buildings, causing severe damage and casualties.


The Importance of Regular Inspection to Boiler

Boiler body operates under the condition of high temperature and pressure, which is worse than the working condition of general mechanical equipment. If the heating surface inside and outside extensive contact with smoke, fire, ash, steam, scale, etc., they in certain conditions will produce corrosion of boiler components. When the boiler is running, the corresponding pressure on the pressure element, with the change of load and incineration, this pressure will also change, may make the pressure element fatigue failure. At the same time, the boiler heating surface due to lack of water, scale or water cycle damage and other conditions will affect the heat transfer effect, it may make the heating surface in the high temperature zone burn bulge, cracking. In addition, fly ash also can constitute wear, corrode, and cause the circumstance such as leakage thereby. Thus it can be seen that the importance of regular inspection of boiler equipment is not to be ignored.


wns oil fired boiler

wns oil fired boiler

The Importance of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

At present, boiler in industry are mainly composed of oil, gas, coal and biomass, and the nitrogen oxides, sulfides and carbon dioxide produced by fuel combustion will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere. Full combustion of fuel can effectively reduce the generation of harmful substances, and at the same time reduce heat consumption and improve thermal efficiency. More available heat can be transferred to substances that need heating using steam, hot water or thermal oil as heat transfer medium, saving fuel consumption for customers and improving economic benefits.


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