The Difference of Water Tube Boiler between Fire Tube Boilers

December 19, 2019

Water tube boiler is a kind of industrial boiler in which a combustion chamber and heating surface are set outside the boiler barrel, causing water and steam to flow in the tube. The heating surface tube of the curved industrial water tube boiler can be made into more complicated shape according to the need, so the various properties of the boiler are greatly improved. The heating surface of the water tube boiler is composed of many small tubes, which have good thermal expansion compensation performance and can be arranged arbitrarily according to the needs.


DZL horizontal water tube boiler for industry


Water and fire tube is different to define the pipe inside medium, the pipe is the pipe inside the water and through external flue gas convection heat transfer/radiation heating the water in the pipe, flue gas fire tube is a tube inside go, let the gas heating medium for heat transfer outside tube, fire tube boiler structure is simple, and steam water volume is big, good adaptability to changes of load, the requirement of water quality, lower than the water tube boiler for heating on the production technology of small business and life. The heating surface of water tube boiler is conveniently arranged and has good heat transfer performance. But the water quality and operating level requirements are higher.


industrial water tube horizontal boiler


(1) Water tube boiler has a wide range of pressure adaptation, which can break the pressure limit and meet the steam supply requirements above 2.5mpa.Fire tube boilers are limited by material wall thickness and pressure and are used below 2.5mpa pressure.


(2) The fire-tube boiler is a boiler shell boiler, which is limited by the equipment and tooling of each boiler manufacturer, so it is difficult to make a fire-tube boiler that is too big, usually below 35t/h. Boiler with water tube structure can achieve large size of boiler. Boilers above 35t/h usually use water tube structure.


(3) Fire tube boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, in the same output, shape and equipment weight are lower than the water tube boiler. Water tube boiler because the volume is bigger, have more space to be used for arranging superheated, because this water tube boiler occupies boiler room to be opposite bigger.

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