Thailand Enterprises Choose ZOZEN Industrial Boiler Brand

September 16, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler has completed the installation and commissioning of a gas oil fired boiler for Nobel NC Co., Ltd, a large industrial nitrocellulose manufacturer in Thailand, where high-quality steam is produced and delivered to various key processes in the product line, contributing to the development of the chemical company. During the operation of the boiler, the smooth and continuous steam output has won the unanimous approval of Nobel NC and has created considerable economic benefits for the company.

ZOZEN boilers have won the trust of Thai customers with stable sales performance and good market reputation due to reliable quality and excellent service. In the local market, ZOZEN has successfully cooperated with many famous Thai companies, providing high quality industrial boiler products for Chorhung Rice Flour Factory, Thai Sam Kirin Tire, SIAM BALL, etc. ZOZEN has also established long-term cooperation with local professional mechanical contractors.

ZOZEN steam boiler operating at Nobel NC in Thailand

ZOZEN steam boiler operating at Nobel NC in Thailand

Nobel NC Co., Ltd, a large industrial nitrocellulose supplier in Thailand, purchased 20 tons steam boilers from ZOZEN they built a new boiler house. Nbel NC is a joint venture between NCI Thailand and Inabata KK Japan, mainly producing high quality industrial nitrocellulose. As a world-renowned supplier of industrial nitrocellulose, Nobel NC places special emphasis on production continuity and safety, and places strict requirements on the boiler equipment, which must comply with ASME standards.

Through an in-depth understanding of the nitrocellulose production process, steam boilers are mainly used for heating and drying in the nitrocellulose production process. The quality of steam has a direct impact on product quality and production efficiency, so an efficient and stable industrial steam boiler is very important for chemical companies. ZOZEN boiler factory combined with the actual production needs of the customer, recommended the structure of the oil gas steam boiler with a double cylinder full membrane wall structure, the boiler upper steam package through the precise calculation of ZOZEN senior engineers, reasonable size, while the internal arrangement of a number of steam and water separator device, so that the boiler output sufficient power and high quality steam, to meet the steam needs of Nobel NC production process.

oil gas fired water tube boiler

oil gas fired water tube boiler

ZOZEN Boiler strictly enforces ASME standards in the process of industrial boiler product design and production. As a professional boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN boilers not only have material quality certificates and markings that meet the requirements of the specifications, but also conduct laboratory tests on the materials after they enter the factory and strictly control them. After entering production, boiler undercutting, welding, testing and other processes are carried out by in-house personnel who have obtained professional certificates to ensure the quality of the manufactured finished boilers. Our online consultation is subsequently at your service.

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