Package Type Steam Boiler

March 4, 2022

The package type steam boilers include oil and gas boilers, coal-fired boilers and biomass-fired boilers. Industrial steam boilers are versatile in that they use the heat generated by the fuel to heat the water in the boiler into saturated or superheated steam for production processes such as drying, extraction, sterilization, disinfection and pulping. ZOZEN produces steam boilers with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 110 tons, and different models of complete boilers have different capacities. In the process of purchasing boilers, it is important to clearly understand the actual amount of steam used in the production process.

wns package steam boiler

wns package steam boiler

The WNS series oil and gas boilers of 1 ton to 20 ton capacity adopt quick installation structure. The compact structure of this boiler ensures that the boiler can be installed quickly at the customer’s site without any other building structures and special installation procedures except for water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, and a series of testing and commissioning work is carried out before the boiler leaves the factory to ensure the quality of the boiler leaving the factory.

DZL series coal-fired boiler is a single-barrel longitudinal chain grate boiler, suitable for burning formed biomass fuel, pure coal or mixed coal and formed biomass fuel, which is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product. Quick-loading chain grate boiler is a product carefully designed and developed by ZOZEN according to the demand of consumers, with the advantages of high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity.

dzl coal boiler

dzl coal boiler

In the rubber factory production process of drying, calendering, vulcanization and other processes are to use a large amount of steam. In the process of purchasing boilers with special care, especially in terms of the efficiency of the boiler in providing steam, the rubber factory customer put forward very strict requirements. ZOZEN Boiler customized a 4 ton DZL coal-fired steam boiler for the customer. This quick-fit steam boiler is a horizontal three-pass water fire tube chain grate boiler, which can use medium quality bituminous coal and anthracite coal as fuel, and the threaded flue tube used in the boiler is also a highly efficient heat transfer element researched by ZOZEN for many years, with a heat transfer coefficient 1.8 times higher than that of ordinary flue tubes.

The 3 ton WNS series oil-fired gas boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler exported by ZOZEN to Indonesia. The customer, who is engaged in processing seafood products, has gone through a long visit and comprehensive understanding before purchasing the WNS3-1.0-Q gas boiler produced by ZOZEN as a heating equipment for production. ZOZEN boiler’s workshop staff worked overtime after 30 days of efforts to press into the production of WNS3-1.0-Q gas boiler in advance, after transporting to the project site, ZOZEN’s technical service team provided comprehensive services for the installation of the boiler, providing sufficient power support for the processing and production of seafood products for the Indonesian customer, winning the trust of the customer and establishing a good brand reputation. ZOZEN as a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in various industrial production industry service experience, boiler product quality is also recognized by customers. If you are looking for a cost-effective industrial boiler, welcome to contact us.

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