Package Steam Boilers for Sale

October 21, 2020

SZL series package steam boiler produced by ZOZEN adopts the vertical arrangement of double pot cylinder in the furnace and adopts the chain grate for combustion. The capacity of SZL coal-fired boiler is 4-35 t/h, and the whole structure adopts package or assembly. Among them, 4-6 t/h is package water pipe structure, which leaves the factory after being fully assembled in the factory; 6-35 t/h is composed of two parts, the upper part is the body heating surface and the lower part is the combustion equipment. Around the front end of the boiler body for arrangement of water-cooled wall connected to the drum bottom connected to the header of the combustion chamber, to absorb the furnace radiant heat, backend arrangement between water drum on intensive convection tube bundle, high temperature flue gas after combustion after secondary return lateral erosion convection heating surface to separate arrangement of economizer, finally into the filter through the chimneys.

package steam boiler for sale

package steam boiler for sale

SZL type coal-fired steam boiler is a horizontal three-pass water tube boiler. Two fire tubes are arranged in the pot barrel, and both sides of the furnace chamber are equipped with light tubes and water wall tubes. The combustion adopts light chain grate to realize mechanical fuel, and is equipped with drum and induced draft fan to realize mechanical ventilation. The fuel falls on the grate from the coal sill and burns along with the grate into the furnace. The flue gas passes through the upper combustion chamber of the rear arch, enters the first bundle to the front smoke box through the upper smoke chamber of the back shed, folds into the second bundle to the back smoke box from the front smoke box, and is introduced into the flue, dust collector and chimney through the induced draft fan, and is discharged into the atmosphere. The boiler automation level is high, the boiler feed water automatic regulation, high and low water level alarm, low water level interlock protection, lead, fan interlock protection, and boiler feeding, slag and other operation mechanization, complete auxiliary machines.


SZL Package Steam Boiler Advantage

  1. SZL series coal-fired boilers are safe and efficient, with thermal efficiency up to 82%, and are one of ZOZEN’s patented products.
  2. Wide adaptability of fuel, bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite and other types of coal can be used.
  3. The ZOZEN’s chain grate and independent blast compartment design ensures full combustion of fuel.
  4. Boiler equipped with advanced control system, fuel supply, ash, slag high degree of automation, easy to operate.
  5. The original membrane water-cooling wall structure has the advantages of large heat transfer area, good conduction effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of furnace wall and no ash leakage.
dzl coal fired boiler

dzl coal fired boiler

ZOZEN Boiler designed to produce a package coal-fired steam boiler system that is more than 5% more thermal efficient than conventional systems. Our boiler production base has realized 80% automation operation, including membrane wall production line, longitudinal seam automatic welding production line and so on, so that the product quality can be guaranteed. Welcome to contact us and consultation.

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