Industrial Natural Gas Boilers for Sale Pakistan

November 4, 2022

Natural gas is one of the driving forces of environmental protection so far. Natural gas boilers obtains heat energy by burning natural gas. The NOx emission of this type of boiler is less than 30MG, which can meet the highest environmental protection standards at home and abroad. At present, the gas-fired boiler is more and more widely used, which can not only be used for industrial production, but also for heating and power generation. It is a product in line with the development of the present era.

25 ton natural gas boiler

25 ton natural gas boilers

SZS condensing gas boiler adopts the two world leading technologies in low-nitrogen combustion field, namely staged combustion and FGR flue gas recycling, which not only fully meets the most stringent requirements of China’s current low-nitrogen emission standard (30 mg/m3), but also reaches a higher level of low-nitrogen emission combustion technology. With high safety, up to 98% thermal efficiency and intelligent boiler Internet of Things system, the SZS type boiler not only achieves ultra-low nitrogen emission, but also greatly saves energy, making it a preferred choice for customers in all industries.

oil gas fired water tube boiler

oil gas fired water tube boiler

18 Ton SZS Condensing Steam Boiler for corrugated paper production

As is known to all, corrugated processing industry has a strong demand for steam, corrugated base paper, molding, coated adhesive and other production processes are inseparable from steam, and steam boiler is an important heating equipment of corrugated production enterprises. A paper company needs to replace its existing coal-fired boilers, and ZOZEN has customized a full range of gas-fired boiler solutions for its customers. SZS series 18 tons natural gas boiler (SZS18-1.6-Q) can fully meet the requirements of the production line. This series of boilers adopt double drum D-type arrangement, the convection tube bundles of upper and lower drum form convection heating surface; The combustion chamber adopts full-film water-cooled wall structure, with large space furnace and low nitrogen burner, the thermal efficiency can reach up to 98% while reducing the production of nitrogen oxide. Forced circulation is adopted in the high temperature zone of the boiler body to ensure that the heating surface of each part can get reliable cooling and prevent vaporization. In addition, the boiler automatic operation features, can realize unattended, for the enterprise to reduce the labor cost.

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