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June 22, 2022

Biogas fired boiler is an industrial gas boiler using biogas as fuel. Biogas is an efficient and clean combustible gas, which is produced in the sewage treatment process of various small, medium and large scale breeding plants, slaughtering plants, paper mills, beverage factories, distilleries and starch plants. Low-pressure biogas boilers function the same as natural gas boilers, and can also be used for industrial production and heating, the reasonable use of biogas as fuel can effectively save fuel costs for boiler operation. ZOZEN boilers to overcome technical difficulties, the new biogas boiler launched with sufficient power and high thermal efficiency.

SZS series oil gas fired boiler

SZS series oil gas fired boiler

Distilleries then need a large amount of high-quality steam for the traditional brewing process, so efficient steam boilers have a direct impact on distillery output and wine purity. During the production of liquor, distilled water and washed lees water are anaerobically fermented to produce biogas, a high-quality gaseous fuel with methane (CH4) content of about 70%. Biogas has a high calorific value and can be used directly as boiler fuel, which can supplement part of the energy consumption of the enterprise and reduce environmental pollution.

The SZS series oil gas boiler developed by ZOZEN can directly use biogas as fuel, which meets the actual production needs of distilleries. This oil gas water tube boiler is a quick assembly boiler with D-type arrangement and NOx emission is less than 30mg/m3, which has the advantages of full combustion, energy saving and high efficiency, clean and environmental protection, compact structure, simple operation and easy installation. The boiler is also equipped with multiple chain alarm functions, high and low water level alarm chain protection function, steam overpressure protection function, and automatic jumping function of furnace explosion-proof door, which can realize automatic water loading and automatic furnace stop, and safe and reliable operation.

10 tph steam boiler for center heating

10 tph steam boiler for center heating

ZOZEN and the burner manufacturer jointly developed and customized a special burner for the biogas boiler purchased by the distillery production line, which can meet the demand of using natural gas and self-produced biogas at the same time, and can also be used separately with a single gas source to ensure the stable operation of the steam boiler. At the same time, ZOZEN boiler technical team has made scientific adjustments to the SZS series biogas boiler system to reduce the generation of acidic substances and effectively reduce the corrosion of the boiler body by setting a reasonable exhaust temperature and other series of measures to ensure the thermal efficiency of the boiler while effectively extending the service life of the boiler.

The 10 ton biogas steam boiler is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries. ZOZEN has over 30 years of experience in industrial steam boilers, the boiler production base is 80% automated and all products are 100% factory inspected to ensure the high quality of industrial boilers delivered to customers. In addition to specific industrial gas boilers, ZOZEN can customize boiler system solutions according to customers’ actual production needs. You can contact us through online inquiry, email zhulin@zozen.com, WhatsApp +86-13506151292, and many other ways.

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