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July 14, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler is a professional industrial steam boiler equipment manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and selling industrial boilers in the boiler industry, providing high quality boiler products for food factories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, feed factories, textile factories, heating industry, and etc. The oil and gas boiler is the star product of ZOZEN, which has been well received by many customers as a typical model of energy-saving and environment-friendly boilers.

natural gas fire tube boiler

natural gas fire tube boiler

WNS series fire tube boiler with capacity of 1 ton to 20 tons is a horizontal three-return wet-back type oil gas boiler product. The high temperature flue gas flow from the burner during boiler operation passes through the threaded flue tube surrounded by water, heating the water, steam or steam-water mixture outside the flue tube wall to produce steam or hot water. This oil gas fired boiler has a small footprint and a quick-assembly structure, which significantly reduces boiler infrastructure and installation costs.

Take the example of a 6 ton natural gas boiler manufactured by ZOZEN for a project in the feed industry. During the pelletizing process of feed, the steam generated by the boiler ensures that the temperature and moisture of the material meet the standard requirements. The WNS series three-return gas-fired steam boiler provides a reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of its feed production line. The boiler operates with full fuel combustion throughout the process, and with the energy saver and condenser at the end of the flue, it ensures that the thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach over 98%.

6000kg 12.5bar gas steam boiler

6000kg 12.5bar gas steam boiler

Industrial steam boiler as a customized product, the price of 6 tons natural gas boiler needs to be specific to the boiler model and the configuration of auxiliary equipment to determine the price. The auxiliary equipment of the boiler is selected according to the actual steam demand of the production line, it contains sub-cylinder (water dividing cylinder), valve instrumentation, chimney, water treatment, softening water tank, computer control cabinet, burner, etc. The price will be different for different brands, so the price of 6 ton natural gas boiler needs to be directly consulted with the industrial boiler manufacturer.

ZOZEN boilers use advanced automatic equipment and strict quality management system to ensure the high quality of each boiler. The oil gas boilers produced by ZOZEN are in the leading position in the industrial boiler industry in terms of both design and quality, with low nitrogen emissions capable of meeting the most stringent emission standards, and are also one of our most important export products, welcome to ask for detailed information through online customer service, email, WhatsApp.

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