Industrial Horizontal Diesel Oil Fired Boiler Price

January 21, 2021

Horizontal diesel oil fired boiler is refers to the burning of fuel for diesel or crude oil of an industrial boiler products, it is the same type furnace and gas boiler, the difference is that the use of the burner, fuel boiler using fuel burner, use the gas burner gas boiler, fuel and gas boiler so often people put together, that is to say, only need to change the burner can burn different fuels.

szs diesel oil-fired boiler

szs diesel oil-fired boiler

Oil-fired boilers can be divided into horizontal hot water boilers and steam boilers according to their body types. Horizontal fuel steam boiler refers to the product body is horizontal structure, it refers to the large steam boiler, can meet the needs of larger factories. Now the boilers produced by industrial oil and gas boiler manufacturers are condensing boilers. It is a horizontal boiler product using a new condensing technology. It is the use of condensing recovery device to recover the heat in the boiler tail gas, so that the heat can be reused, and further improve the boiler thermal efficiency and reduce fuel consumption in the working process.

Characteristics of Diesel Oil Fired Boiler

  1. Clean and environmental protection. Because of the use of diesel oil or heavy oil combustion, coupled with its fuel burner, can make the nitrogen oxide content in the boiler tail gas reduce, belongs to the environmental protection boiler products.
  2. High thermal efficiency. The oil-fired hot water boiler has a high thermal efficiency, its thermal efficiency is more than 98%, and the improvement of thermal efficiency can reduce the working time and reduce operating costs.
  3. Low operating cost. The operation cost of oil-fired hot water boiler is low. It is the lowest cost product after coal-fired boiler and biomass boiler, and its operation cost is half of electric boiler.
  4. Multiple protection devices. The product has multiple protection devices, such as water shortage alarm system, automatic water injection system, anti-dry burning system, water level monitoring system, etc., with high safety factor.
  5. Intelligent control. Oil and hot water boiler is equipped with a computer control cabinet, the computer control cabinet is the boiler operating system, it can control the boiler through the virtual key on the control cabinet, easy to operate, without personnel on duty.
29mw diesel oil fired boiler

29mw diesel oil fired boiler

In order to actively respond to the call of saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting the environment, the power plant purchased the energy-saving and efficient SZS series oil-fired superheated steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler as the power plant starting boiler, which provides a reliable guarantee for the starting of power plant units. SZS series of oil-fired superheated steam boilers produced by ZOZEN are further heated from saturated temperature to superheated temperature through superheater to meet the needs of users. This series of superheated steam boilers not only have sufficient output, thermal efficiency up to 98%, but also have excellent safety performance. Before leaving the factory, ZOZEN Boiler will carry out leakage prevention wind pressure test on each SZS series boiler to ensure the air tightness of the boiler, so as to prevent heat loss and safety accidents. SZS series steam boiler adopts advanced automatic control technology and has automatic protection function, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler. If you need to purchase boiler products or boiler prices, please feel free to contact our online customer service for details.

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