How to Improve the Thermal Efficiency of Gas Steam Boilers?

February 21, 2020

I believe that anyone who has used the boiler knows that no matter how to prevent it, after the long-term operation of the gas steam boiler, some scale will be generated.


When a gas-fired steam boiler is in operation, a series of chemical and physical reactions will occur in the furnace. During use, hard and dense scale will form on the heated surface, which will directly reduce the boiler’s heat transfer efficiency; and The effect of corrosion under the scale will cause the heat absorption of the water-cooled hearth of the gas-fired steam boiler to be reduced, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency and wasting investment costs.


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The following points can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of gas-fired steam boilers:
It is also necessary to clean up the scale, which is to allow the boiler to run stably for a long time.
The thermal conductivity of scale is only one percent of that of steel. Once the heating surface is scaled, this will hinder the heat transfer effect. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler during use, the temperature on the fire side must be increased.

During the process of increasing the outlet temperature of the gas steam boiler, this will increase the loss of the gas steam boiler, and the scaling of the water-cooled wall in the equipment will effectively reduce its heat transfer effect, which is very likely Will cause the water wall temperature to increase, resulting in water wall explosion.


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Cleaning the boiler becomes even more important. In the process of cleaning, an efficient, environmentally friendly and non-corrosive cleaning agent can be selected, which will expose the original metal color of the equipment tube and reduce the effect of scaling.

Secondly, after the ignition of the gas-fired steam boiler, it is necessary to observe the changes in the furnace smoke temperature and the temperature of the main steam. When the pressure of the main steam is increasing, if the boiler is ignited, the temperature of the smoke will rise significantly slower or not rise. Check the oil gun for fire.

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