How Much Is The Quoted Cost of Ten Ton Gas Steam Boiler?

December 13, 2019

With the deepening of the national policy of coal to gas, more companies are starting to move from the camp of coal-fired boiler for gas boiler, related problem is coming, many customers at the time of purchase of boiler will be concerned about the question, with 10 tons of gas steam boiler as an example, the boiler quotation, operating costs, are very concerned about customer problems such as gas consumption, small make up will give you the answer today, talk about the related problems about ten tons of gas steam boiler.

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What is the operating cost of a ten ton gas steam boiler?

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How much does a ten ton gas steam boiler consume?

The calculation formula of gas consumption per hour of a gas boiler burning 10 tons of natural gas is: gas consumption of the gas boiler (per hour) = gas boiler power * time/fuel calorific value/gas boiler calorific value utilization rate. The fuel calorific value is calculated at 35.53mj /Nm3, so the gas consumption per hour of a 10-ton boiler =7MW*3600s/ 35.53mj /Nm3/90%=788m3/h. If it is calculated at 8 hours per day, then a 10T gas-fired boiler consumes 6,304 cubic meters of natural gas per day.

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How much is a ten ton gas steam boiler?

That choose to boiler, customers priority will be the price, although ZOZEN boiler products are superior in both material is qualitative, still quite a lot of research work and cost, but we still control the product price is very competitive in the interval, so if you are interested in our products, you can contact us with online chat, demand table submission, emails and telephones.

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