How Much Fuel Does 10 Ton Boiler Consume Per Hour?

July 30, 2020

Oil-fired boiler and gas-fired boiler are the two most popular boilers on the market at present. The price of the gas-fired boiler is medium and the calorific value is lower than that of the oil-fired boiler, while the price of the oil-fired boiler is slightly more expensive, but the calorific value is relatively higher. 10 ton oil-fired boiler can heat 80,000 to 100,000 square meters of floor space, so how much fuel oil does 10 ton oil-fired boiler consume per hour? Which is cheaper to run, a 10 ton oil fired boiler or a gas fired boiler?

fuel oil consumption for 10 ton boiler

Technical parameters of 10 ton oil-fired boiler:
Boiler type: WNS7
Rated thermal power: 7 MW
Rated outlet pressure: 1.0 Mpa
Rated water outlet temperature: 95 ℃
Inlet water temperature: 75 ℃
Thermal efficiency: >98%
Applicable fuel: Gas, Oil
Fuel consumption: 656Kg/h(light oil)
Natural gas: 720Nm3/h
Transport weight: 25.8 tons
Overall dimension of boiler assembled: 7.04m*2.87m*3.10m

The calculation formula of fuel consumption for oil-fired steam boilers and oil-fired hot water boilers is slightly different:
Oil consumption of oil-fired steam boiler per hour = gas production of oil-fired steam boiler per hour × (heat of oil-fired steam – water supply)/low heating value of fuel oil × boiler thermal efficiency
Oil consumption per hour of oil-fired hot water boiler = weight of water (Kg) × specific heat capacity of water × temperature difference (temperature difference of inlet and outlet water)/fuel oil heating value × boiler thermal efficiency

These two ways are relatively specific, but in fact, we usually use the unified calculation formula of boiler fuel consumption to roughly estimate, the general calculation formula of oil-fired boiler oil consumption per hour: 3600* thermal power/fuel calorific value/boiler thermal efficiency.
If the thermal power of 10-ton oil-fired boiler is 7MW, the combustion calorific value is 42Mj/kg, and the fuel efficiency of the boiler is 98%, it can be concluded that the oil consumption of 10 ton oil-fired boiler per hour is =3600*7/42/0.98, which is about 656kg.

If you want to know the exact fuel consumption of the oil-fired boiler, please contact the engineer of ZOZEN Boiler to calculate, we are always at your service online.

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