Hot Oil Boilers by ZOZEN Boiler

October 2, 2023

Hot oil boilers, also known as thermal oil heaters or thermal oil systems, are specialized boilers designed to deliver efficient and precise thermal heating for a wide range of industrial processes. With their ability to provide accurate temperature control, closed-loop operation, and high thermal efficiency, hot oil boilers have become indispensable in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more.

The thermal oil boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler is a boiler that uses thermal oil as the heat transfer medium for heat transfer. By utilizing the high-temperature characteristics of thermal oil, the thermal oil boiler can achieve low-pressure and high-temperature heating.

The ZOZEN hot oil boilers are designed to adapt to various fuels such as natural gas, biogas, coal, and biomass. They can be divided into four series: YQ(Y)W series gas-fired/oil-fired horizontal thermal oil boiler, YQ(Y)L series gas-fired/oil-fired vertical thermal oil boiler, YLW series coal/biomass-fired horizontal thermal oil boiler, and RYQ series molten salt furnace.

ZOZEN YQ(Y)W series gas-fired/oil-fired horizontal thermal oil heater

               ZOZEN YQ(Y)W series gas-fired/oil-fired horizontal thermal oil heater

YQ(Y)W series gas-fired/oil-fired horizontal thermal oil heater

Thermal capacity: 1400-14000 KW

Working pressure: 0.8-1.0 MPA

Outlet temperature: 320 °C

Available fuel: Natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel oil, light oil, etc.

Available industries: Petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, wood processing, vegetable oil processing and other industries

The YQ(Y)W series oil/gas thermal oil boiler adopts a two or three passes round coil structure. The end of the coil tube is tapered, effectively protecting the end furnace wall of the boiler. It is equipped with advanced combustion equipment, and the operation of the boiler is fully automated. The boiler is shipped as a whole and can be put into operation just by connecting the gas (oil) and electricity after it is in place on the site.

YQ(Y)W series hot oil boilers offer several key features that enhance the performance and usability.

Advanced Control System:

The thermal oil boilers are equipped with an advanced control system that provides precise control over the oil temperature and pressure. This ensures a secure and stable operation by maintaining optimal heat transfer conditions. The control system allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment, enabling efficient and safe performance.

Fully Automatic Safe Operation:

This hot oil boiler is designed for fully automatic operation, which greatly simplifies maintenance and ensures safe operation. The automatic control system manages the entire heating process, including ignition, fuel supply, temperature regulation, and system shutdown. This feature minimizes the need for manual intervention, reduces the risk of errors, and enhances operational safety.

Simple Operation:

ZOZEN Boiler’s hot oil boilers are delivered as packaged units, which streamline the installation process and reduce the overall installation cycle. The unit is pre-assembled and tested, requiring minimal on-site assembly work. This simplifies the installation procedure and minimizes the downtime during setup. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls further contribute to the ease of operation.


Environmental sustainability is a key focus of the YQ(Y)W series thermal oil heater. It features a low-nitrogen burner, ensuring that the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are ≤30mg/Nm³. This meets stringent environmental regulations and promotes eco-efficient heating solutions. By reducing harmful emissions, the thermal oil heater helps to minimize its impact on air quality and supports a greener approach to heating.

Hot oil boilers provide efficient and precise thermal heating solutions for numerous industrial processes. By prioritizing safety, reliability, and proper maintenance, ZOZEN Boiler will harness the full potential of hot oil systems to optimize the operations and achieve greater productivity.

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