Horizontal Thermal Oil Heater in Guyana

November 30, 2020

Horizontal thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN Boiler includes YLW series coal-fired / biomass-fired boiler and YQW series oil-fired / gas-fired boiler, which is widely used in chemical industry, medicine industry, food industry, feed industry, textile industry, building material, hotel, heating and other industries to provide high quality and reliable thermal power for industrial production and residential life. ZOZEN thermal oil heaters adopts exclusive technology, high efficiency and energy saving, short cooking time; at the same time, the tailor-made flue gas waste heat recovery system can maximize the heat efficiency. These two horizontal thermal oil boilers take advantage of the high temperature properties of thermal oil and can provide high temperature heating at low pressure.

horizontal thermal oil boiler

horizontal thermal oil boiler

Advantages of Thermal Oil Heater

Thermal oil boiler is a kind of safe and energy saving boiler, the heating medium is heat conduction oil, the oil flow through the coil tube and thermal equipment, and circulate in liquid phrase.

  1. Could offer a high temperature under 340℃ under the low working pressure 0.8Mpa.
  2. No leakage of steam, and cyclic utilization of heat conduction oil, saves operation energy.
  3. Instead of steam boiler and hot water boiler, increase the productivity.
  4. Heat conduct oil is corroding the boiler equipment, low maintenance cost.
  5. Thermal oil boiler is equipped with precision oil temperature controller, temperature could be controlled easily.

Thermal oil boiler is widely used for different kinds industry, includes petroleum chemical industry, oleo chemical industry, synthetic fiber industry, textile industry, plastic industry, wood industry, food industry, building material industry, coking industry, metal and casting industry, carbon industry, etc.

In the textile industry, dyeing and finishing processing is the main technological process, steaming, drying and other processes cannot do without a continuous and stable heat source, and the huge consumption of heat energy puts forward higher requirements for industrial boiler equipment. ZOZEN YQW series gas-fired horizontal thermal oil boiler is equipped with three-return circular tube structure and advanced low-nitrogen combustion device, which can promote the full combustion of fuel and realize ultra-low emission of NOx.

yqw gas-fired thermal oil boiler

yqw gas-fired thermal oil boiler

ZOZEN YQW series thermal oil boiler is equipped with a variety of waste heat recovery devices, which can effectively recover and utilize high-temperature flue gas, reduce heat loss, and improve the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the boiler. Finally, the boiler is equipped with advanced oil temperature and pressure control system, which ensures the safe and stable operation of the boiler. Up to now, The YQW series gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN has been running stably in the textile company and has been highly appraised by customers.

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