Horizontal Gas Boilers Price in Kenya

November 2, 2020

Horizontal gas boilers are more environmentally friendly alternatives to coal-fired boilers, with higher calorific value, higher combustion efficiency and easier control of environmental pollution from fossil fuels. Especially in urban heating, the environmental protection standards in urban areas are higher, so the choice of fuel oil gas hot water boiler for heating is a very high quality choice. Currently ZOZEN’s gas-fired boilers produce NOx emissions of less than 30mg, meet stringent environmental standards, and are an important export product.

szs horizontal gas boilers

szs horizontal gas boilers

General gas boiler is a lot of more phyletic, like, liquefied gas boiler steam boiler, gas boiler is the category of gas boiler, but their boiler models do the same, are being series and SZS series gas boiler, respectively has the hot water boiler and steam boiler, and is 100% safe and life for more than 20 years of efficient environmental protection boiler. Its fuel is mainly natural gas, biogas, and gas, liquefied gas, mixed gas, diesel oil, and methanol fuel and so on.

WNS boiler products adopt horizontal three – return wet – back corrugated furnace structure, common tonnage is usually between 1-20 tons. It is mainly composed of pot shell, furnace bladder, smoke chamber and smoke pipe. Boiler use wet-back, corrugated furnace structure, symmetrical arrangement of heating surface. Effectively reduce the boiler thermal stress, improve the safety of boiler use and life. The heat transfer effect of smoke pipe is improved by using heat transfer thread pipe. At the same time, it has good thermal expansion and cold contraction performance, which can prevent the heating surface from deformation.

SZS type oil-fired and gas-fired boiler is a double-pot tube vertical “D” type pipe boiler with quick assembly, consisting of upper and lower pot tube, membrane water cooling wall, convection tube bundle, energy saving device and condenser. The burner is arranged on the front wall. After fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas enters the chimney through convection tube bundle, energy saving device and condenser.

gas-fired steam boiler

gas-fired steam boiler

There are a lot of customers choose horizontal gas boilers when the first want to know is the boiler price, because different customers for industrial boilers demand is different, so the boiler parameters configuration, the choice of auxiliary equipment are factors affecting the price, so the price is not the same. In addition to the price, the boiler brand also needs to be considered by customers, which has a direct impact on product quality and after-sales service. As a well-known boiler company, ZOZEN Boiler Company has rich experience and professional knowledge, welcome to contact us.

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