Horizontal 1 Ton Gas Boilers in Nigeria

December 10, 2020

Horizontal 1 ton gas boilers refers to a boiler product with rated evaporation capacity of 1 ton and fueled by natural gas, biogas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas. Gas boiler in the use of more fuel is natural gas, so we also call 1 ton gas steam boiler as 1 ton natural gas steam boiler. Gas-fired boiler quick installation out of the factory, compact structure, small floor area, simple and convenient operation. The features of environmental protection, energy saving and high thermal efficiency of gas fired boiler can effectively help users reduce operating costs.

1 ton horizontal gas boiler

1 ton horizontal gas boiler

WNS series boiler shell boiler with capacity of 1-20 tons is designed by our company according to domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience of wet-back oil-fired and gas-fired three pass boiler. Boiler shell boiler is commonly known as the fire tube boiler, the most outside of the outer tube is called the pot shell, the inner tube is called the furnace tube, heat transfer medium outer tube and inner tube space, the inner tube is the combustion chamber, flue gas flame through the inner tube, when the boiler operation pressure, the pot shell by the internal pressure, the furnace bladder bears the external pressure.

Characteristics of 1 Ton Gas Boilers

  1. Original imported burner and valve set; Alpine disposable valve instrument; south vertical stainless steel pump; PLC touch screen control system;
  2. The combustion chamber large volume, corrugated furnace structure design, equipped with dual energy saving device, fuel combustion fully complete, low smoke exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency can be increased by 5-10%;
  3. Double-layer seal with dislocation ceramic fiber, double-layer insulation with 12cm aluminum silicate, good insulation performance, small heat loss, energy saving more than 5%;
  4. With 6 water level protection and 8 pressure protection functions, such as overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leak detection and flameout, etc., iot monitoring ensures safe and reliable operation;
  5. Low nitrogen FGR combustion technology, NOx < 30mg/m, numerous operation sites, available for visit and investigation;

During the pelleting process of feed, the steam generated by the boiler ensures that the temperature and moisture of the material meet the standard requirements. WNS series three-return gas-fired steam boiler provides a reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of feed production line. In the whole process of boiler operation, fuel is fully burned, and the boiler thermal efficiency can be up to 98%, which is guaranteed by the equipment such as energy saver and condenser at the end of the flue. In manufacturing, ZOZEN boiler adopts advanced automation equipment and strict quality management system to ensure the high quality of each ZOZEN boiler.

The complete set of equipment for horizontal gas boiler includes boiler body, burner, water pump, chimney, water treatment equipment, energy saving device, condenser, boiler drum, boiler water sampler, air preheater, etc., different manufacturers have different product positioning and matching, depending on the actual.

zozen welding process

zozen welding process

Established in 1988, Wuxi ZOZEN industrial steam boiler factory is a well-known brand in the boiler industry with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. Welcome to visit our company or contact us through our online customer service.

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