Highly Automatic 20 TPH Power Generation Boiler

April 8, 2022

20 ton power plant boiler is a new product developed and produced by ZOZEN Boiler Company, which is a qualified enterprise with Class A boiler manufacturing license and American ASME standard “S” “U” license, etc. ZOZEN Boiler Company also has Strong technical force and production capacity, with six automated production lines and advanced production process equipment, each production process has been strictly inspected. We have official accounts on various social media platforms, so customers can contact ZOZEN anytime and anywhere.

20 ton oil gas fired boiler

20 ton oil gas fired boiler

Usually, 1MW power generation requires roughly 5 – 6 tons industrial boilers. Then, 20 tph power generation boiler can provide roughly 3MW or so for the power plant. ZOZEN oil and gas power plant boiler capacity from 20 tons to 130 tons, boiler model ZZ series oil gas power plant boiler, can use natural gas, coke oven gas, heavy oil, light oil, etc. as fuel, commonly used in in thermal power plants, thermal power plants and various industrial enterprises.

The 20 ton oil gas power plant steam boilers are generally of high pressure, commonly 3.82MPa and 5.29Mpa, boiler models ZZ20-3.82/450-Q and ZZ20-5.29/485-Q. Because of their large capacity, ZZ series boilers are mostly installed in bulk structure and directly at the construction site. Unlike ordinary gas boilers, the thermal efficiency of oil and gas power boilers can reach more than 92%, and the emissions of oil and gas power boilers produced by ZOZEN Boiler Factory can fully comply with the strict emission standards.

Guodian Shuangyashan Power Generation Co., Ltd. has made a great contribution to the electricity consumption of the surrounding residents and enterprises. In order to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection, the customer needs to update and upgrade the production equipment, and purchases the energy-saving and high-efficiency 20 ton diesel superheated steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler as the power station start-up boiler, which provides a reliable guarantee for the start-up of power station units more stably.

water tube boiler

water tube boiler

ZOZEN’s SZS series oil fired superheated steam boiler heats steam further from saturation temperature to superheated temperature through a superheater to meet the user’s needs. This series of superheated steam boilers not only have sufficient output and high thermal efficiency of over 98%, but also have excellent safety performance. Before leaving the factory, each SZS series boiler is subjected to anti-leakage wind pressure test to ensure the air tightness of the boiler to prevent heat loss and ensure the safety of use. SZS series steam boiler adopts advanced automatic control technology and has automatic protection function to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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