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November 14, 2022

ZOZEN boilers have been operating for a long time and the overseas scale effect has surfaced. ZOZEN gas steam boiler manufacturer in Philippines has set up a service center, which also includes service centers in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries and regions. ZOZEN helps industrial enterprises to produce more efficiently with high quality products and services.

Since its establishment in 1988, ZOZEN Boiler Company has introduced leading digital and numerical control equipment many times, updated a large number of imported equipment, realized numerical control management and automated production, 6 automated boiler production processes effectively guarantee the quality of boilers, ZOZEN adopts strict production standards, in terms of technology and quality has been better than international standards. Now, ZOZEN has a modern production base of 150,000 square meters, with an annual output of more than 2,000 industrial boilers.

ZOZEN WNS series gas fire tube boiler

ZOZEN WNS series gas fire tube boiler

WNS series gas-fired steam boilers are the first choice for production heating in many industries, and are widely used in the textile industry, food industry, paper industry, chemical industry, etc. After a long period of operation, customers have given high praise to the quality and energy efficiency of the boilers. ZOZEN Boiler has designed a special condensing gas steam boiler system for the pharmaceutical industry, optimizing the boiler structure design for the actual production steam and production process. This WNS series gas boiler is equipped with condensate recovery device and sealing device, and the boiler is sealed by comb plate between the membrane wall and the pot on both sides of the furnace, which eliminates the problem of condensate and flue gas leakage caused by refractory concrete sealing.

WNS series natural gas fired boilers as a typical high-efficiency, low-consumption environmentally friendly boilers, by adding condenser and energy saver at the end of the boiler and other devices, the exhaust temperature can be reduced to 60 ℃, making full use of the sensible and latent heat of condensate, not only solves the problem of hydrophobic WNS series gas boilers, but also increases the overall thermal efficiency of the ZOZEN gas boiler system to more than 98%. It not only achieves the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, but also effectively reduces the operation and maintenance cost of the boiler.

15 tph natural gas biogas fired boiler

15 tph natural gas biogas fired boiler

In the more than 30 years of ZOZEN Boiler’s development, we have been adhering to the principle of standing in the customer’s shoes. From the time we receive a customer’s boiler requirements, our engineers provide one-on-one consulting services until the industrial steam boiler is successfully operating in the customer’s project, making the procurement process hassle-free and effortless. If you are in need of purchasing a new industrial boiler, the ZOZEN Boiler team is at your service, feel free to contact us via online inquiry, email and WhatsApp.

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