Gas-fired Steam Boiler for Sale

October 28, 2020

Gas-fired steam boiler is thermal energy conversion equipment, which uses natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and other gases as fuel to release heat through the combustion of fuel in the furnace and make it vaporize into steam by heating the water in the boiler. The water in the pot is continuously heated by the heat released by the fuel, and the temperature rises and produces pressurized steam. As the boiling point of water rises with the increase of pressure, in the sealed pot, the expansion of steam in the pot is limited and pressure is generated to form thermal power, which is widely used as an energy source.

4 ton gas-fired steam boiler

4 ton gas-fired steam boiler

The main components of a natural gas steam boiler include a furnace bladder, an energy saver, a boiler barrel, combustion equipment and a framework. The role of the furnace is to ensure that the boiler fuel burnout; The economizer can use the heat of flue gas at the end to continue heating, saving the consumption of gas; The drum is the main body of the boiler, which can store soda water. Combustion equipment input gas and combustion required air into the furnace. In addition to the main components, it is also composed of fuel preparation system, air and flue gas system, electrical control system, soda water system, combustion system, water treatment system and other parts. These parts work closely together and work together.


ZOZEN’s gas-fired steam boiler are available in WNS series and SZS series. WNS series boilers belong to fire-tube boilers, which are generally quick-installed boilers. After the whole boiler is delivered to the project site, it can be put into use only after simple installation. SZS gas-fired boiler is a water-tube boiler. According to different tonnage, it can be divided into three delivery modes: quick-loading structure, assembly structure and bulk structure. These two series boilers have a thermal efficiency of 98% and an emission of less than 30mg/Nm3, and have the advantages of simple operation and maintenance, long service life and low fuel consumption.

wns gas steam boiler

wns gas steam boiler

There is a great demand for steam in the drying, cooling, pelleting, tablet and other production processes in the pharmaceutical industry, so the steam boiler has become indispensable industrial thermal equipment in this industry. The domestic pharmaceutical company purchased a WNS series steam boiler made by ZOZEN boiler, which has sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, so that the boiler can produce high thermal power and high quality steam efficiently. In addition, this series of boilers adopt the high-efficient heat transfer element threaded smoke pipe independently developed by ZOZEN, which extends the residence time of smoke in the furnace and enhances the heat transfer effect, which is more than 1.2 times higher than that of ordinary smoke pipe. Finally, in order to effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and reduce the heat loss, an energy saving device and a condenser are added at the end of the boiler to make the exhaust temperature lower than 60℃. The WNS series steam boilers under ZOZEN can effectively meet the huge heat demand of Tonghui pharmaceutical production line and provide a solid guarantee for the daily production activities of the enterprise.


ZOZEN’s natural gas boiler is a product with three advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The nitrogen oxide emission concentration is controlled within 30mg, which meets the emission standards of gas boilers all over the country. Low fuel consumption, save operating costs, if you want to know more about the gas steam boiler model specifications, technical parameters, investment costs, a full set of quotations and other information, welcome direct online consultation online customer service or!

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