Factory Price 6 Ton Steam Boiler in China

March 16, 2022

As a necessary heating equipment in the production of various industries, industrial boilers need to have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and easy maintenance. Usually food factories, textile factories, chemical plants, paper mills, construction material processing, agricultural processing industries, etc. can choose boilers with different fuels according to the actual production needs. When purchasing boilers, customers are mostly concerned about the boiler price, which varies according to the fuel.

ZOZEN can produce 6 ton steam boiler of many types, including coal-fired steam boilers, biomass steam boilers, gas-fired steam boilers, biogas steam boilers, oil-fired steam boilers, for example, food factory users to know the factory price 6 ton steam boiler. First of all, it should be clear that the type of steam boiler needed for production includes a series of parameters such as fuel calorific value, boiler capacity, emission standards, etc. A more accurate quote can be given only after a detailed analysis of the technical parameters by the steam boiler manufacturer.

fire tube boiler with gas fuel

fire tube boiler with gas fuel

Gas fired fire tube boiler is the representative product of ZOZEN boiler factory, and this boiler is also favored by many customers. Recently, a machinery and equipment factory made an online inquiry on ZOZEN’s website. The customer indicated the need for a gas steam boiler, but was not very clear about the tonnage and size of the boiler. After several phone calls and site visits, ZOZEN boiler’s technical engineer customized a 6 tph gas steam boiler for the customer’s production line as well as a boiler systemization solution and quote. After many comparisons, ZOZEN’s 6 ton gas steam boiler had the best cost performance and the customer directly chose ZOZEN as the boiler supplier.

Coal-fired boilers are simple and elegant in appearance, easy to transport. 6 tons of coal-fired boilers are small tonnage belongs to the packaged boiler, boiler design is reasonable, the body is a single pot longitudinal arrangement, the pot is arranged inside the threaded smoke and fire tube composition convection heating surface, the pot and the two sides of the water-cooled wall composition of the furnace radiation heating surface, combustion equipment using light chain grate, compared to other ordinary coal-fired furnace, safe and reliable, sufficient power, high efficiency, and has a very good Compared with other ordinary coal-fired furnaces, it is safe, reliable, sufficient power output, high efficiency, and has good environmental protection and energy saving effect, electrical control to achieve stepless speed regulation of grate, limit parameter alarm and chain protection. For users, it has significant economic and social benefits.

packaged coal boiler

packaged coal boiler

Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. has 6 automatic production lines and advanced production process equipment, independent research and development of more than 50 patented equipment, the original digital material, welding automation, assembly mold process standards, and the whole process of strict control of boiler quality, so that each product in the main components to achieve professional, large-scale production, most of the products can meet the needs of customers short delivery. ZOZEN boilers have a professional after-sales service team, technical guidance during the whole installation process, and free training for operation and maintenance personnel. Welcome to consult at any time.

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