Environmental Gas Fired Boiler Used in Sugar Factory

January 5, 2021

With the gradual transformation of economic growth from extensive to intensive environmental protection, all industries are facing unlimited opportunities and challenges. As a leader of industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises, the environmental gas fired boiler developed by ZOZEN boiler has become irreplaceable heating equipment in production lines of all industries.

environmental gas fired boiler

environmental gas fired boiler

Boiler used in sugar factory adopts threaded smoke pipe with relatively low flow rate, and can control low smoke resistance, low power consumption and large load regulation ratio under sufficient heat transfer. The main welding seam adopts 100% radiographic flaw detection, which ensures the safety and reliability of boiler operation. The boiler adopts automatic control and has good adaptability to burners. Boiler imported burner with original installation, reliable performance and high degree of automation.

SZS series boilers are of double-drum, longitudinal-type and D-type layout structure, with furnace chamber on the right and convective tube bundle on the left. The movable supports at the middle and both ends of the boiler barrel are fixed on the body chassis, and the whole boiler is guaranteed to expand to both ends. Around the chamber of a stove or furnace is membrane type water wall, furnace on the left side of the membrane type water wall sealing off the furnace and the convection bank completely, convection bank area at the back of the staggered structure for diarrhea, a front along the column structure, furnace flue gas from the chamber of a stove or furnace tail out of the smoke from the burning of mouth into the combustion chamber, convection bank state district, and then from point to spiral fin tube economizer of boiler on the left side of the front and condenser, and finally into the flue discharge into the atmosphere.

For food production enterprises, high-performance industrial boiler system is not only related to the quality of food, but also directly affects the economic benefits of enterprises. Rock sugar is a crystallized and remanufactured product of granulated sugar. It tastes sweet and has the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm. It is widely used in food and health care products. The food company needs to purchase high quality gas boiler with excellent performance as the auxiliary heat source equipment of production line. The SZS environmentally friendly gas boiler of ZOZEN has become the first choice of customers with its high natural efficiency and energy saving.

gas fired boiler for sugar factory

gas fired boiler for sugar factory

In the production process of rock sugar, gas steam boiler plays a decisive role. The food company clearly requires that the parameters of heating steam used for sugar boiling should be 0.5-0.8mpa, and the temperature should be controlled within 158.07-174.53℃, so as to ensure the quality of rock sugar. In order to meet the temperature requirements of rock sugar production line and ensure the stable output of high quality steam of SZS series gas-fired boiler, ZOZEN boiler adopts automatic control system. By constantly collecting temperature data and transmitting it to the controller, the temperature sensor realizes the control of the burner, thus ensuring the stable and controllable temperature of steam output from the SZS series gas boiler, which provides a strong guarantee for the production of rock sugar and helps the enterprise to realize the green and environmental protection production process.

In addition to gas-fired boilers, our biomass burning boilers, heat-conducting oil boilers and coal-burning boilers have all had successful application cases in the food industry, and the type of boilers to be used is determined according to the actual demand of production. If you would like more details, please feel free to contact us.

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