DHL Series Biomass Fired Vertical Industrial Steam Boiler

December 13, 2019
DHL Series Biomass Fired Vertical Industrial Steam Boiler
Capacity: 20 – 75 t/h
Pressure: 1.25 – 5.4 Mpa
Temperature: 184 – 485 ℃
Fuel: Biomass
Industries: Power generation, heating, chemical, food, rubber

Product Description

DHL series biomass fired steam boiler is a kind of industrial biomass boiler, is specially burning biomass fuel as raw material for the steam boiler.Its operation environmental protection, fuel saving, automatic feeding, slag, blower induced fan frequency regulation, boiler automatic operation, can automatically adjust the fuel quantity according to the load change, stable steam output.With pressure, water level, smoke temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.Biomass steam boiler is the society to promote the use of the boiler, the state will focus on promoting the biological steam boiler and boiler combustion technology.

Technical Advantages
High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The radiation heat transfer section adopts the structure of densely drained water-cooled tube or membrane wall, the convective heat transfer section USES s-type multi-return heat exchange, and the tail is arranged with efficient fin economizer for heat exchange, which has high thermal efficiency.
The boiler adopts high quality insulation material and special construction technology, less heat loss, low exhaust temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler.
The combustion chamber of the grate is raised, and the secondary air is arranged to support the combustion. The fuel combustion is uniform and sufficient, and the combustion efficiency is high.
The special design of the arch of the grate furnace, the inlet air of the grate compartments, the air volume can be adjusted independently, and the fuel has wide adaptability.
The heating surface is arranged reasonably and the boiler starts up quickly.

High Safety

The radiant heat transfer surface and convective heat transfer surface of the furnace adopt special anti-grinding structure to prolong the service time and life of the boiler.
The material feeding device adopts the material locking mechanism and the secondary air of the material distribution, effectively preventing the flame tempering from damaging the hopper.
Boiler operation adopts remote and near ground monitoring, automatic control and monitoring instruments are complete, safe and reliable, easy to operate.