Cost of Thermic Fluid Heater

April 22, 2020

Heat conduction oil furnace is a new type, safe, efficient and energy-saving, low pressure (under normal pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy special industrial furnace, is a kind of electricity, 0 # 3 diesel, natural gas as fuel, heat conduction oil As a heat carrier, a circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase circulation. After the heat energy is delivered to the heating equipment, it is then returned to the reheated DC special industrial furnace. This is repeated, and the continuous transfer of heat is achieved, so that the temperature of the heated object is increased to reach Heating process requirements.


cost of thermal fluid heater


Performance characteristics of thermic fluid heater:
1. Obtain low-pressure high-temperature heat medium, easy adjustment, uniform heat supply, and can meet precise process temperature.
2. Liquid-phase circulation heat supply, no heat loss due to condensation discharge, and high thermal efficiency of the heating system.
3. The working medium is heated and exothermic and the temperature changes to the volume change, there are compensation technical measures in the system.
4. There are technical measures to strictly control the air, moisture and other low volatile content in the working medium before circulating heating.


cost of thermal fluid heater


The following compares the operating costs of thermal fluid heater with examples:
The operating cost of heating 10 tons of hot water to 45 ° C, 1 kg of water needs 1 calorie of heat to heat 1 degree, according to 10 degrees of tap water: 45-10 = 35 degrees (Δ = 35 degrees) 10 tons of water = 10000 kilograms of heating 1 degree = 10000 X 1 calories = 10000 calories 35 degrees of temperature = 10000 calories X 35 = 350000 calories.

Electric thermal fluid heater:
Calorific value of electricity: 860 kcal / KW, according to industrial electricity standard, the price of electricity is calculated at 1.2 yuan / degree 350000 kcal ÷ 860 kcal X 1.2 yuan = 488 yuan, the thermal efficiency of electric heating boiler is generally 98%, 488 ÷ 0.98 = 498 yuan.

Fuel oil thermal fluid heater:
The heating value of 0 # diesel is 9600 kcal / kg, according to the current diesel price per kilogram calculated at 7.1 yuan, 350,000 kcal ÷ 9600 kcal X 7.1 yuan = 259 yuan, the thermal efficiency of oil boiler is generally 90%, 259 ÷ 0.9 = 288 yuan.

Gas thermal fluid heater:
The calorific value of natural gas is 8600 kcal / cubic meter, and the average value of natural gas is calculated according to the price of 3.3 yuan per cubic meter at 350,000 kcal ÷ 8600 kcal x 3.3 yuan = 135 yuan. The thermal efficiency of gas boilers is generally 90%, 135 ÷ 0.9 = 150 yuan.


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