Cost of 1 Ton Oil Fired Boiler

July 10, 2020

Oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers are the two best-selling boilers on the market. The price of gas-fired boilers is medium, the calorific value is lower than that of oil-fired boilers, and the price of oil-fired boilers is slightly more expensive, but the calorific value is relatively high. Oil-fired boiler refers to a new type of environmentally friendly boiler product that burns light or heavy oil. It is also the mainstream product of current boiler products, and 1 ton oil-fired boiler refers to a rated evaporation of 1 ton or a rated thermal power of 0.7 MW, which means that it One hour can produce 1 ton of hot water or steam.
cost of 1 ton wns oil fired boiler

When users choose oil-fired boiler products, they will first understand the product parameters, such as thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, boiler size, boiler weight, etc., but users are more concerned about the operating cost of the boiler. Today we take a 1 ton oil-fired boiler as an example, what is its operating cost?

1 ton fuel oil boiler usually includes a 1 ton fuel oil steam boiler and a 1 ton fuel oil hot water boiler. The difference between the two is that one produces steam and one produces hot water. But their fuel consumption is the same. 1 ton of oil-fired boiler consumes 60 liters of diesel per hour, heavy oil is also about 60 liters, and the power consumption of 1 ton of oil-fired boiler is 3KW.

1 ton wns oil fired boiler

Common models of fuel gas boilers
ZOZEN oil/gas fired boilers mainly include WNS and SZS series. They use condensing technology, energy saving, sufficient output, small capital investment, very high combustion efficiency, up to 98%, and nitrogen oxide emissions fully comply with national standards. It is two types of energy-saving oil and gas furnace products with high market share.
If you have any questions when purchasing a boiler, you can directly contact ZOZEN BOILER GROUP online customer service to get a free quote and parameter table.

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