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March 16, 2020

What are the major differences between gas fired boilers and diesel fired boilers? First of all, we can see from the name that the fuels used by the two different types of boilers are different. The fuels used by gas-fired boilers are natural gas, city gas, and biogas. It is diesel, oil, kerosene, etc. First of all, we have to make clear that compared with gas boilers and oil-fired boilers, they are very energy-efficient during use.


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Gas boiler is a kind of thermal energy conversion equipment. It consists of two main parts: the boiler and the furnace and the accessories to ensure its safe and economic continuous operation. The difference between a gas boiler and a gas oil boiler is that the equipment that depends on what fuel the boiler is called is a burner. The boiler of the gas burner is called a gas boiler, and the boiler equipped with an oil burner is called an oil boiler. The difference between a fuel boiler and a gas boiler is what kind of fuel to use.


Commonly used fuel oil is diesel. The heating value of diesel oil is 41800 kJ / kg. The price of diesel oil is affected by international oil prices and fluctuates greatly. The current price of diesel oil is between 2500-3500 yuan / ton. The following calculation is based on 3,000 yuan / ton. . (1 kcal = 1 kJ * 4.186)

The calorific value of natural gas is 35739 kJ / m3, and the price of natural gas is 2.2 yuan / m3.


The working principle of an oil-fired gas boiler is actually very simple. The general principle is to use fuel oil as the main component and gas as the auxiliary. Before the boiler is ignited, the fuel switch must be turned on. At this time, the gas switch needs to be kept off. Then the ignition is performed. After the ignition is successful, after the fuel combustion is stable, the gas switch is turned on to enter the dual-use combustion mode. The mixed-burning state of the oil and gas is started, and the installation cost of the oil-gas boiler is not high.

Oil and gas boilers can be used alone or in combination with gas or oil and gas. Oil and gas are more economical and economical than simply using gas or oil.


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Gas / diesel boiler advantages:

Low-nitrogen environmental protection: Low-nitrogen environmental protection must be met by current boilers, and oil and gas dual-use boilers can exactly meet low-nitrogen environmental protection.

Diffusion combustion: Fuel, gas and air diffuse at the nozzle of the gas and burn. Its advantages are stable burning, simple structure of the burner, but long flame, easy to produce incomplete combustion, and carbonize the heated area.

Stable combustion: first ignite the fuel and then ignite the gas. Before the combustion, a part of the air is mixed with the gas (the primary air excess coefficient is between 0.2-0.8), and then the combustion is performed. Its advantages are clear combustion flame, enhanced combustion and high thermal efficiency. However, the combustion is unstable, and the control of primary air and the composition of combustion are high. Gas burners generally use this type of combustion.

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