Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used in Disinfection Of Dairy Products

June 2, 2022

Dairy products are a kind of food processing, although the processing method is different from other products, so there are production differences in the principle of steam boilers, but industrial steam  boilers must be an important heating equipment in the production line of dairy products, coal-fired boilers produce high-temperature steam through the pipeline transport, the high-temperature steam produced by steam boilers to the corresponding process to ensure that the degree of sterilization sterilization.

In the process of making dairy products, the whole process is also required to be aseptic. Considering that these high-temperature steam will be in direct or indirect contact with the food, the food processing industry has very high requirements for steam boilers, and whether the temperature is constant, the pressure is stable, and the quality of the steam is excellent are the key factors that determine the final quality of the food leaving the factory.

15 ton szl coal fired steam boiler

ZOZEN supplied three coal-fired chain grate steam boilers to a dairy in South Africa to provide steam and daily heating for the dairy’s production. The SZL series coal-fired boilers used by the dairy company are SZL15-1.25-SCII, producing 15 tons of steam per hour at a working pressure of 1.25 MPa. ZOZEN has customized a 15 ton coal-fired boiler system solution for dairy processing based on the actual steam consumption and production characteristics of the dairy production line, which effectively solves the problem of insufficient fuel combustion from the perspective of enterprise use.

ZOZEN’s SZL series chain grate adopts layer combustion method and scientific arch design, which can be applied to a wide range of coal types. Considering the low volatile content of the coal used in the South African base, it is difficult to fully combust, ZOZEN boilers are designed to adjust the chain grate structure and reasonably configure the air supply to ensure full combustion of fuel and improve the combustion conditions. In addition, the boiler adopts advanced control system, and the operation of fuel supply, ash discharge and slag discharge is highly automated.

ZOZEN SZL series coal fired steam boiler is a double-barrel longitudinal chain grate boiler, and the boiler adopts quick-assembly or assembly structure, which is convenient to install. The 15 ton coal-fired boiler purchased by the customer in South Africa consists of two major parts, the upper part is the heating surface of the body and the lower part is the combustion equipment. The boiler installation work has been basically completed before leaving the factory, and the on-site installation process is easy, with short cycle time and low cost, saving time and installation cost for the enterprise.

15ton szl chain grate boiler

15ton szl chain grate boiler

ZOZEN has rich service experience in the food industry and has provided steam boilers with capacities from 1 ton to 100 tons for many food factories at home and abroad, and has received high praise from customers in the food industry for both boiler quality and ZOZEN’s comprehensive service. As a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN has a modern automatic processing line to reduce the errors arising from each processing process and to ensure the quality and safety of the boiler. If you are looking for high quality industrial boilers, please feel free to contact us via email, WhatsApp, or online inquiry.

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