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February 25, 2020

China’s energy structure is dominated by coal-fired power generation. Large-scale industrial coal-fired boilers consume a large amount of coal, and are also China’s main soot pollution sources.The status and importance of industrial coal-fired boilers in the national economy and social development are well known.


However, at the same time, the amount of energy consumed by the entire industry, and the current status of the proportion of soot, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides in the corresponding national emissions, not only illustrates the energy conservation and environmental protection indicators and construction of the current industrial coal-fired boiler industry There is a big gap between the goals of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and it fully illustrates the huge energy saving potential of the industry.


szl water tube steam boiler


SZL water tube steam boiler is a double-boiler vertical chain grate steam boiler. The boiler body consists of vertical upper and lower boiler tubes and convection tube bundles. There are light-pipe water-cooled wall tubes on the left and right sides of the combustion chamber. The cylinder is equipped with a steam-water separation device and a surface drainage device, and a regular drainage device is installed in the lower boiler barrel.


A coal economizer is arranged at the end of the boiler. The combustion section of the boiler adopts a light chain grate to achieve mechanical coal addition, and is equipped with blowers and induced draft fans for machinery it is ventilated and equipped with a spiral slag discharger to realize automatic slag discharge. The fuel falls from the coal hopper to the grate and enters the furnace for combustion. After the flame is refracted by the rear arch, it passes through the body’s embossing chamber and folds into the convection tube bundle. It enters the economizer and dust collector, and is then drawn by the induced draft fan through the flue to the chimney and discharged to the atmosphere.


szl industrial steam boiler


Boiler performance characteristics:

1. The boiler is delivered in two parts, the upper part and the lower part. The upper part includes the boiler body and the steel frame to collect the upper furnace wall. The lower part includes the coal hopper, chain grate, base steel frame, and lower furnace wall, except the middle partition wall. The remaining parts outside the masonry are assembled and shipped from the factory. The cast iron economizer and air duct at the tail of the boiler are shipped with the furnace.

2. The combustion part of the boiler adopts a light chain grate with air inlet on both sides. There are six independent air chambers under the grate, and air regulating mechanisms are installed on both sides of the air chamber. The air is blown into the lower side of the base by the blower and enters the two side air. Road, enter the independent air chamber through the air conditioning mechanism.

3. The upper furnace wall is assembled and manufactured by the factory, and the lower furnace wall and the front and rear arches are made of refractory clay brick silicic acid fiber and thermal insulation materials. Fuel enters the furnace from the coal hopper through the coal gate to burn, and the cinder slag falls on the grate The slag hopper is discharged from the slag hopper.

4.The boiler is equipped with an electronic control operation console, which is equipped with a boiler thermal parameter display instrument, a drum, an induced draft fan opening degree indicator, and a remote control button for an electric actuator. The boiler water supply uses an automatic water supply device and an over-temperature alarm device.

5.The suitable low-level heating value of the coal burning in the boiler is ≥17750J / Kg, the volatile matter is ≥38.5%, and the second-class bituminous coal with ash content ≤32.4%.

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