Chinese Experts team Help Italy Fight with Coronavirus

March 23, 2020

Chinese experts’ team and medical supplies to support Italy fight with coronavirus on March 12, as part of an exchange of medical knowledge and material from China, the source of the coronavirus outbreak, to Italy, its current epicenter.


Studies have shown that the severity of coronaviruses increases with age. According to a study by the Italian National Institute of Health, the average age of the dead in Italy, which currently has the highest number of deaths in the world, is 80 years. According to the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in China where the pandemic began, people aged 70 and over accounted for only 12% of all infections, but accounted for more than half of all deaths. According to data from the US government, so far in the United States, people aged 65 and over account for 31% of cases, 53% of patients in intensive care units are hospitalized, and 80% of deaths.


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According to China ’s experience in combating the new crown virus, the virus can be effectively killed for 30 minutes at high temperatures. The principle of steam sterilization is high temperature and high pressure water vapor as the medium. The released latent heat penetrates the cell wall to denature or solidify the internal proteins and nucleic acids, eventually causing microorganisms death.


Because steam sterilization has the following advantages, it is widely used in hospital sterilization and supply centers to sterilize medical devices. The greater the water content of the protein, the lower the temperature required for coagulation to occur. During the heat and humidity sterilization process, the bacteria protein absorbs water and is easy to solidify, thereby reducing the sterilization temperature. During the heat and heat sterilization process, the steam emits a lot of latent heat, which accelerates the increase of humidity and shortens the sterilization time. The strong penetration of hot and humid steam enables the deep part to reach the sterilization temperature and improve the sterilization efficiency.



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Steam is easy to obtain, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Compared with other sterilization methods, there is no residual medium. The steam boiler of Wuxi Zhongzheng Boiler can not only stabilize the steam temperature around 115 ℃ -225 ℃, but also the pressure is stable and continuous. It can concentrate and effectively remove conventional bacteria and achieve deep sterilization, disinfection and cleaning. At the same time, the safety valve design and selection of the boiler also ensure its safety.

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