Biomass-fired Thermal Oil Boiler in UAE

November 26, 2020

As more and more attention is paid to the problem of environmental pollution, the change of market is also brought about in the industrial boiler industry. Biomass-fired thermal oil boiler gradually coal boiler status, especially some 35 tons coal boilers, some areas have been prohibited to use. For the normal operation of the production line, the user chooses the biomass heat conduction oil boiler which is environmental protection and energy saving as the heating equipment. Now there are many industrial boiler manufacturers in the market, a wide range of products, as large industrial equipment, the purchase should be particularly careful.

ylw biomass-fired thermal oil boiler

ylw biomass-fired thermal oil boiler

Biomass pellet fuel is the use of straw, rice husk, sawdust, peanut shell, melon seed shell, bark, bagasse, etc., through grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying and other processes, finally made into granular fuel. Its raw materials are widely distributed, processing technology is simple, biomass pellet fuel known as green coal, is a kind of clean energy. As the fuel of boiler, it is economical and practical, and has almost no pollution to the environment at the same time. It can replace wood, coal and natural gas, and is a highly efficient and energy-saving environmental protection product.

YLW series horizontal biomass-fired thermal oil furnace, heat conduction oil as medium, using hot oil circulation pump forced medium liquid loop, to transfer heat to heat equipment returned again after reheating, heating furnace under low pressure for high working temperature, and can run for medium to high precision control work. The system has high heat utilization rate and convenient operation and maintenance. It’s safe, efficient and energy-saving heating equipment.

ZOZEN YLW series biomass thermal oil boiler adopts chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with drum and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag discharge machine to realize mechanical slag discharge. Runtime fuel from coal hopper fall on combustion, after high temperature flue gas passes through the arch reflection before entering to the furnace hearth, after radiation heating surface radiation heat transfer in the convective heating surface for convective heat transfer, and then leads to the waste heat boiler, again into the air preheater, finally into the dust, dust removal after northwards by induced draft fan through the chimney flue gas into the atmosphere.

biomass thermal oil heater manufacturer

biomass thermal oil heater manufacturer

1.5 million kcal biomass thermal oil boiler price is effected thermal efficiency, material quality, energy consumption and so on, the boiler product prices can not only consider the price of the boiler body, because the country is very strict with the boiler emissions, so pay attention to the manufacturers of boiler emissions is in line with the national and local standards, you may need to equipped with a series of auxiliary equipment. At the same time, the operating cost of the boiler directly affects the cost invested in the boiler. A boiler with high thermal efficiency can help you save a lot of fuel costs and meet the needs of production and heating.

Wuxi ZOZEN boiler has achieved 80% of the digital production line, cutting, welding, assembly are completed by the digital mechanical equipment, so that the quality and accuracy of the boiler has been guaranteed. Working with clients from all walks of life, ZOZEN boiler has extensive project experience in designing and manufacturing efficient thermal oil boilers. The thermal conductivity oil boiler burning biomass can reach more than 85%, which is more than 5% higher than the average measured thermal efficiency of conventional boiler system in the industry.

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