Automatic Natural Gas-fired Boiler in Kazakhstan

December 22, 2020

With the implementation of policies such as energy conservation, emission reduction and renewable energy utilization, the product structure and combustion mode of industrial boilers have also changed, and fluidized bed boilers, biomass boilers and waste heat boilers have developed rapidly. Natural gas-fired boiler is more widely used in the industrial boiler market, and is the preferred products of various industrial enterprises. Due to the cleanness and high thermal efficiency of the fuel, low nitrogen emission and nitrogen oxide compound less than 30mg meet the strict standards at home and abroad.

4 ton wns gas-fired steam boiler

4 ton wns gas-fired steam boiler

Natural gas-fired boiler refers to the boiler that uses natural gas as fuel. According to the function, it can be divided into steam boiler and hot water boiler. Fully automatic gas-fired boiler has wide adaptability to various fuels such as natural gas, gas and biogas. The boiler is designed with three-return circular tube, sufficient heating surface and advanced combustion equipment, so NOx emission can be lower than 30mg/m3 and the environmental protection effect is remarkable. At the same time, in order to improve the utilization rate of heat energy, ZOZEN has equipped the flue end of the boiler with energy-saving equipment such as energy saver, air pregenerator or waste heat boiler, and the thermal efficiency can reach up to 98%.

WNS series natural gas steam boiler with mature technology, safe and reliable products, the boiler is equipped with advanced automatic PLC electric control cabinet, which automatically adjusts the set boiler operation state. The boiler will operate in a stable and more effective way from high to low load range automatically according to the optimized mode. Boiler automatic control electric control cabinet is convenient for centralized management. Equipped with high combustion efficiency of the world’s famous brand combustion machine, flue gas in the wide chamber full combustion, reduce the emission of harmful substances, lower furnace heat load, NOx emission reduction, clean and environmental protection.

SZS series gas-fired boiler adopts D-type layout, natural circulation, double-tube tube boiler, tube longitudinal layout, full-film water-wall structure, micro-positive pressure combustion. The furnace is made of membrane wall cladding, and the flue gas enters the convective tube bundle connected between the upper and lower pot tubes from the outlet of the furnace. After the flue gas flows through the convective tube bundle, it enters the condenser of the rear heating surface.

In the process of carton production, the steam heating system plays a vital role in raising the cardboard temperature. ZOZEN boiler’s WNS series condensing steam boiler provides sufficient and stable steam heat source for its carton and printing production line. WNS series gas boilers adopt low nitrogen combustion machine imported from Germany, domestic advanced full waveform furnace and threaded smoke pipe independently developed by ZOZEN, and cooperate with energy-saving devices at the end of boiler flue, such as energy saving device and condenser, so that the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler is up to more than 98%. ZOZEN WNS series boiler also adopts advanced automatic intelligent control system, realizing unattended boiler, which can help enterprises save a lot of boiler operation and labor cost. Finally, through the use of clean fuel natural gas and low nitrogen combustion technology, the NOx emission concentration of the boiler can be controlled below 30mg/Nm3, thus effectively reducing the impact on the environment.

szs gas-fired boiler

szs gas-fired boiler

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