Automatic Natural Gas Biogas Boiler Manufacturing

September 9, 2022

Biogas boiler is a new type of non-fuel cost boiler, biogas as a renewable energy source has the advantages of high calorific value, low environmental pollution, etc., can be used as fuel for boilers, due to the unstable supply of biogas, when the biogas is burned, it needs natural gas to supplement the combustion, the two convergence process, the boiler burners put forward higher technical requirements. The technical team of ZOZEN boiler, through cooperation with burner manufacturers, jointly overcome the technical difficulties and developed a special burner for biogas, which can achieve the effect of burning biogas and natural gas in any ratio, completely solving the problem of unstable supply of biogas.

ZOZEN boilers innovate and develop automatic natural gas biogas boiler to achieve full proportional combustion of biogas and natural gas. At the same time, for the acidic substances produced by biogas are easy to cause corrosion to the boiler body, ZOZEN engineers optimize and adjust the boiler system to reduce the generation of acidic substances by setting a reasonable exhaust temperature and other measures to ensure the thermal efficiency of the boiler while achieving a better anti-corrosion effect and effectively extending the service life of the boiler. At present, this series of boilers are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises such as animal husbandry and brewing industry, reducing boiler fuel costs while being more green and providing practical solutions for sustainable development of enterprises.

natural gas biogas fired boiler

natural gas biogas fired boiler

In the livestock industry, ZOZEN Boiler has supplied several biogas boiler plants to Modern Pastures. Modern Pasture is an integrated enterprise of pasture cultivation, dairy farming and milk processing. The company has built a number of its own large-scale farms, with a stock of nearly 230,000 cows, producing a large amount of manure, straw, sewage and other waste every day. The biogas generated by recycling these wastes can be used to fuel boilers. In view of this, Modern Herding purchased several WNS series and SZS series biogas boilers from ZOZEN Boiler. The boilers have been operating since then and have created significant economic benefits for Modern Herding.

In the brewing industry, ZOZEN Boiler supplied 30 steam tons of SZS series biogas boilers to Changxing Alcohol Co. Changxing is a liquor company invested and prepared by Marriott International, with a registered capital of 12 million US dollars and an annual output of 100,000 tons. In the wastewater treatment process of the brewery, a large amount of biogas will be produced. Using biogas directly as fuel can effectively save fuel costs, so a dual-use steam boiler with biogas and natural gas was purchased from ZOZEN. This biogas boiler allows the brewery to spend less and achieve greater environmental benefits.

gas fired water tube boiler

gas fired water tube boiler

ZOZEN has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing industrial boilers. In order to better serve our customers, the technical team is constantly upgrading its boiler expertise and the boiler production base is equipped with advanced production equipment to ensure the and individuality of each manufacturing process. The industrial boilers manufactured by ZOZEN provide high quality steam and hot water for various industrial productions such as textile industry, paper industry, food industry, new material industry, heating industry, etc. If you have any questions about boilers or ZOZEN Boiler Company, please feel free to contact us via online inquiry.

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