6t Shell Steam Boiler in Philippines

July 29, 2022

Horizontal steam boiler is pot shell type wet back type three return smoke and fire tube structure, the flame in the large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, fully extended, low combustion heat load, high combustion thermal efficiency, effectively reduce the exhaust temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, the use of economic. The structure of corrugated furnace liner and threaded flue pipe improves the heat absorption strength of the boiler and meets the need of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface, which is scientific and reasonable and durable.

6000kg 1.25mpa natural gas boiler

6000kg 1.25mpa natural gas boiler

Gas steam boilers are widely used, any production process that requires steam is inseparable from industrial steam boilers, including food factories, chemical plants, feed factories, rubber plants, etc.. Gas boilers have the advantages of generous appearance, compact structure, occupying less space and easy transportation, etc. They can not only meet the production demand, but also energy-saving and environmental protection features truly achieve clean combustion and pollution-free emission during operation, and the boiler thermal efficiency can reach 92%. The combustion chamber of this type of boiler adopts large volume design to make the combustion more fully, and the arrangement of heating surface has been optimized for maximum design.

The 6t shell steam boiler in Philippines food plants must undergo two high-temperature steaming processes: one is to process the food to full cookedness, and the other is to sterilize it using high-temperature steam. Therefore, steam boiler is an essential and important equipment in the whole production process, and the quality of steam also directly affects the taste and quality of food. When food factories purchase steam boilers, they have very high requirements for steam quality. ZOZEN Boiler has customized the WNS series 6 tons gas-fired steam boiler system for customers according to their requirements.

gas fired shell steam boiler

gas fired shell steam boiler

This WNS series pot shell type wet-back gas-fired steam boiler is designed with a fully corrugated hearth and large capacity combustion chamber, which provides sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, enabling the boiler to efficiently and continuously output high quality steam to meet the actual demand for steam in the egg processing process of food factories. At the same time, a condenser is added at the end of the boiler to make full use of waste heat to raise the boiler inlet water temperature and lower the exhaust smoke temperature, increasing the boiler’s thermal efficiency to over 98% and saving a large amount of fuel costs over the years of operation.

ZOZEN’s WNS series gas boilers are easy to operate and maintain, and their efficient and stable steam output effectively guarantees the normal operation of food processing lines. Gas steam boiler as is a new type of environmentally friendly boiler products, with the advantages of clean pollution, low pollution, intelligent operation, safe and reliable, low operating costs, is currently more heating products used in various industries production lines. Our online customer service, email, WhatsApp can be contacted to consult boiler-related information.

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