6 Million Kcal Thermic Fluid Heater for Rice Vermicelli Factory

December 29, 2020

Thermic fluid heater also called organic heat carrier boiler, gas thermic fluid heater is chamber combustion gas heat conduction oil furnace, in addition to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and also apply fuels such as diesel oil, heavy oil, heat conduction oil as medium, using hot oil circulation pump forced medium liquid loop, the heat transfer heat to use equipment returned again after reheating, heating furnace under low pressure for high working temperature, and can run for medium to high precision control, good temperature control system and safe and efficient operation to produce thermal state.

6 million kcal thermic fluid heater

6 million kcal thermic fluid heater

The heat of 1 ton heat conduction oil furnace is 600 thousand kcal, 6 million kcal thermal oil boiler is equivalent to 10 ton boiler. The gas consumption of gas-fired boiler is related to boiler thermal efficiency and boiler load. Boiler calculation formula of gas consumption per hour: output/fuel calorific value/boiler thermal efficiency = gas, gas consumption per hour with 10 t/h gas heat conduction oil boiler as an example, the gas heating value calculated at 8500 calories (different areas of natural gas quality is different, also different calorific value), the design efficiency is calculated at 98%, then 10 tons of gas boiler running 1 hour need volume = 600 * 0.98/10000/8500 = 720.29 m3 / h. In the actual operation of the boiler, the operating load is different, the pressure is different, the operation mode of the stoker is different, and so the gas consumption of the boiler cannot be generalized.

YQL Vertical Thermic Fluid Heater in Rice Vermicelli Factory in Thailand

Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production, processing, sales and export of Rice products. In the production process, the stable and accurate heat source not only affects the taste and quality of rice flour products, but also has an impact on the output. In order to ensure the quality of rice flour products, Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory in Thailand ordered YQL series gas-fired vertical heat-conducting oil boiler from ZOZEN Boiler, so as to meet the heating requirements of precise temperature control of rice flour production line.

ZOZEN YQL series gas thermal oil boiler adopts three-return circular tube structure, which can effectively transfer radiant heat and improve boiler thermal efficiency. In addition, this series of boilers are equipped with advanced combustion equipment and intelligent control system, which can realize accurate temperature control, and have excellent safety performance, providing continuous and stable heat source for rice flour production line. It is worth mentioning that ZOZEN boiler has set up a professional service center in Thailand, which can quickly respond to various needs of local users, such as installation guidance, technical consultation, after-sales maintenance and so on. This time, Thailand Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory was invited to visit the boiler production base of ZOZEN, which highly recognized the quality boiler products and perfect service system of ZOZEN. The two parties successfully signed a cooperation agreement on YQL series heat-conductive oil boiler project.

YQL thermal oil boiler

YQL thermal oil boiler

ZOZEN Boiler co., Ltd. is a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in China, which can manufacture and sell more than 400 different types of boiler products. The digital production line effectively guarantees the quality of each boiler. If you want to buy a boiler or for more information, please feel free to contact us.

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