5 Ton Steam Boiler Factory

January 11, 2023

5 ton steam boiler is an industrial boiler that produces 5 tons of steam per hour, and the boiler model varies depending on the fuel used. ZOZEN is a 5 ton steam boiler factory, which can produce 5 ton oil and gas boilers, 5 ton coal-fired boilers and 5 ton biomass boilers, etc. The choice of boiler fuel needs to be decided by the user according to the actual production needs. ZOZEN has rich industry service experience, and can customize industrial boiler system solutions according to the production needs of enterprises to ensure the efficiency of enterprise heating.

5 Ton Condensing Gas Steam Boiler for the Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, manufacturers who produce corrugated boxes, color boxes, paper trays and display racks and other products purchase the WNS series 5 ton condensing gas steam boilers produced by ZOZEN. The natural gas fueled steam boiler has the advantage of being clean and less polluting, and is the mainstream product in the market today. After that, ZOZEN was chosen as the industrial steam boiler supplier for the new project, which shows that the customer is very satisfied with the quality of the boiler and ZOZNE’s service.

gas fuel steam boiler in packaging industry

gas fuel steam boiler in packaging industry

Biodiesel Industry 5 Tons Three Pass Steam Boiler Project

The biodiesel industry uses restaurant waste oil, oil mill offcuts, waste animal fat and other fats as the main raw materials. During the processing of biodiesel, reactions such as sedimentation, esterification and decolorization require industrial boilers for heat equipment to provide the right temperature for the reactions to occur. The customer needed to purchase a new one a gas steam boiler to meet the demand of continuous production heating in winter. The ZOZEN boiler production site was updated with a large amount of automated equipment to further improve the quality and performance of the boiler, ensuring that the boiler could be produced and delivered to the customer within the agreed time frame. ZOZEN engineers recommended the WNS series three pass gas steam boilers for the customer by meticulously analyzing the actual steam demand, and provided a reasonable and scientific full set of boiler room design solutions to ensure efficient and stable operation of the boilers in the project.

industrial gas fired condensing boiler

industrial packaged gas fired condensing boiler

ZOZEN has a good reputation in the industrial boiler industry and has provided high quality products and services for various industrial productions such as textile, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and feed. This WNS series fire tube boiler is exported to many countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico, Iraq, etc. Through customer feedback, the boiler still has sufficient steam output, stable and efficient operation after years of operation. ZOZEN’s engineers are ready to provide you with boiler solutions, and you can leave your boiler requirements via online inquiry, email, or WhatsApp.

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