4tons Gas Boiler for Heating in Bangladesh

January 28, 2021

Gas fired boiler has high thermal efficiency for other fuel boilers and has the characteristics of low nitrogen and environmental protection. In the central heating industry, it can be used as a stable heat source to provide heat energy for schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other places. How much heating area can 4 tons gas fired boiler meet? 4tons gas boiler is commonly used in many industrial industries, but customers may not have a specific understanding of this concept, they prefer to this 4 tons gas-fired boiler can provide heating area of how much square meters.

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This problem needs to be calculated according to the actual situation of heating, temperature, altitude and other factors have a certain impact on the heating area. In general, the common residential heating, 4tons gas boiler can heat about 40,000 square meters; but if it is plant heating, it needs to calculate the actual heating area in detail according to the height of the plant and the insulation situation. If the heating area affected by the greater altitude, its heating area may be lower than normal. So there is no fixed number for the heating area of 4 ton gas boiler. It should be calculated according to the actual situation. If you do not know how to calculate, please contact us.

In the procurement of heating gas boiler, in addition to tonnage and heating area, the user is also very important for the gas consumption, fuel consumption is directly related to the operation cost of the boiler. Then, the gas consumption of the 4 ton gas-fired boiler is 2.4 million Kcal /98%/ 8600Kcal /m³=74m³. However, the actual operation of gas-fired boilers is generally not at full load. In the actual heating process, the heating boiler generally runs for one hour and stops for two hours. Therefore, the gas-fired boiler only needs to run for 8 hours a day, and at the same time, the gas consumption of the boiler in a stable state is about 15% lower than the gas consumption when the boiler is just started.

4tons gas boiler for heating

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Usually, ZOZEN gas oil fired boilers are welcomed by users of industrial boiler furnace type, being gas boiler burner configuration technology performance is good, the combustion proportional control automatically, automatic feed water adjust, start-stop, fully automatic operation and other advanced technology, and has high and low water level alarm and low water level, high steam pressure, remove from heat and other automatic protection function. The WNS gas-fired boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable, easy operation, quick installation, less pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

If you want to know more about the heating area of 4 tons gas boiler, please contact our customer staff to inform the specific parameters. Our engineers will provide you with the boiler system solution free of charge according to the actual parameters. As a well-known brand of industrial boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN Boiler will provides high-quality products and services to all over the world users!

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