Professional WNS Gas Boiler for Textile Factory

December 25, 2020

ZOZEN produced WNS gas boiler technical indicators reached the world’s advanced level, in the domestic boiler industry leading level. The oil and gas boiler adopts the structure of mechanical and electrical integration, with generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation and less capital construction investment. It not only follows the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also meets the thermal energy required by the project. In the production and use of textile mills, food mills and feed mills, the boiler has the advantages of clean combustion, pollution-free discharge, convenient operation and sufficient output to provide stable heat source for enterprises.

condensing wns gas boiler

condensing wns gas boiler

WNS gas boiler is boiler shell type horizontal boiler, its compact structure, small volume, high degree of automation, easy to install, safe and reliable operation, full combustion of fuel oil and gas, less harmful gas produced by most of the advantages of oil and gas boilers, widely praised. WNS fuel oil and gas boiler has the advantages of full combustion, no pollution of emission, convenient operation and easy installation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, and low pollution green environmental protection product.

WNS Series Gas-fired Boiler Performance Advantages

  1. WNS series oil-fired and gas-fired boilers adopt international popular three-return structure with large volume combustion chamber design to make combustion more sufficient.
  2. The use of advanced waveform furnace structure, not only to increase the heat transfer area, but also to meet the furnace after the free expansion.
  3. The smoke pipe adopts screw structure, which enhances the heat transfer effect.
  4. The boiler adopts the wet-back structure with full bevel butt-weld, high reliability and low maintenance cost.
  5. The design of rear viewing device facilitates the observation of combustion conditions.
  6. The design of overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leakage detection, flameout and other protection functions, safe and reliable boiler operation.
  7. The boiler packaging with color plate, mirror stainless steel or matte stainless steel in three forms, beautiful and generous appearance.
  8. Equipped with imported burners with good automatic control, to achieve full automatic operation.
  9. WNS series oil-fired and gas-fired boilers have high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability.
14MW gas-fired hot water boiler

14MW gas-fired hot water boiler

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler has the characteristics of high efficiency and low consumption, energy saving and emission reduction, which can effectively reduce the operating cost of the boiler and improve the economic benefits of textile enterprises. In terms of production equipment, ZOZEN has a number of advanced automated production lines, which can ensure welding and assembly quality, reduce assembly stress, and extend the service life of the boiler. In terms of production technology, ZOZEN WNS series boilers adopt domestic advanced large diameter corrugated furnace and self-developed threaded smoke pipe, and cooperate with energy saving device and condenser at the end of the boiler, so that the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler is up to over 98%. With the above performance advantages, ZOZEN boiler has accumulated rich project experience in the textile industry, and has reached long-term friendly cooperation with many dyeing and printing textile enterprises. Please contact us for more details!

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