4MW Biomass Boiler System

March 25, 2022

4 MW biomass boiler is actually 6 steam tons hot water boiler, biomass hot water boiler is one of the hot water boilers, boiler model is large, burning more fully, using biomass pellets as fuel, and biomass pellets are mainly wood chips, straw, etc. as fuel, the cost is also relatively low, biomass pellets are clean energy-saving fuel, can save energy and reduce emissions, thermal efficiency of 82%, belongs to the new boiler products.

The 4 MW biomass boiler system produced by ZOZEN is generally used for central heating, winter heating for city residents, and process hot water domestic hot water supply. This boiler is a horizontal three-way water fire tube chain grate boiler, using a light chain grate as the combustion equipment, with compact structure, small footprint, low infrastructure investment costs, automated charging and slagging system for enterprises to better save labor costs.

biomass pellet hot water boiler

biomass pellet hot water boiler

The hot water boiler is mainly used to provide heat for fruit and vegetable greenhouses, greenhouse flower greenhouses and poultry houses. Due to the cold winters at the project site, it is necessary to ensure that the greenhouse greenhouses always maintain the appropriate temperature in order to ensure the normal growth of crops. Therefore, when purchasing boilers, customers are particularly concerned about whether the boilers have the performance to run stably for a long time.

DZL hot water boiler made by ZOZEN adopts chain grate structure. The boiler body is equipped with threaded smoke and fire tubes to form a convection heating surface, and the barrel and water-cooled walls on both sides form a radiant heating surface in the furnace. Each complete system has been installed and wired before being shipped to the site, and provides functions such as stepless speed regulation of coal feeder, threshold parameter alarm and interlock protection through electronic control.

DZL series biomass fired boiler

DZL series biomass fired boiler

This boiler is manufactured with advanced automatic submerged arc welding technology for longitudinal and circumferential seam welds to ensure the quality of the welds. All vertical and circumferential welds will pass 100% radiographic inspection. The welding of the fume tube and tube plate is pre-expanded to eliminate the gap between the tube and tube plate, and then welded by automatic argon arc welding to effectively eliminate stress and extend the life of the boiler. The socket flange is welded by robot. The grate is manufactured by our factory and tested for 72 hours before leaving the factory to ensure that the looseness is appropriate and will not run out of position.

ZOZEN production can also manufacture oil and gas fired hot water boilers, coal fired hot water boilers, etc. ZOZEN has many successful cases in the central heating industry and has been highly praised by the customers it has served. ZOZEN products have provided high quality boilers to companies in more than 100 countries and regions. If you are looking for high quality industrial boilers, welcome to contact us for consultation.

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