4 Ton Biomass Wood Boiler in Philippines

December 18, 2020

Biomass wood boiler is an industrial boiler fueled by biomass pellet or rice husk, straw, coconut shell, palm shell, biomass pellet, pressure block, etc. Industrial equipment provides steam and hot water by consuming energy, as well as oil-fired, gas-fired boilers or coal-fired boilers. As most of the fuel of the boiler is straw and other biomass, all biomass boilers are environmentally friendly and pollution-free products, and the wide range of fuel sources can effectively help users reduce the use cost.

4 ton biomass wood boiler

4 ton biomass wood boiler

Biomass boiler is through the combustion of biomass energy, the use of the induced draft fan and blower power action, so that biomass combustion at the same time fall, finally to the lower grate, accumulated to a certain height was discharged. In the process of fuel falling, oxygen is discharged to support fuel suspension combustion, and small particles blocked by dust removal baffle will also fall into the ash bucket, which greatly reduces the ash accumulation on the convective heating surface, thus improving the heat transfer effect.

In general, biomass boilers also discharge solids, the composition of which is mainly ash. The emission of SO2 is less than 33.6mg/m3, and the emission of soot is lower than 46mg/m3. Compared with the traditional boiler, it has been very environmental protection. According to the national regulations on air pollution emission, the emission standard of boiler SO2≤100mg/m3, and the emission standard of boiler soot ≤100mg/m3, biomass boiler obviously meets the national requirements.

When operating at full capacity, a 1-ton biomass boiler can provide 600,000 kcal of heat for production or domestic heating water. Operating at full capacity, the boiler requires 180 kg of biomass fuel an hour. The actual fuel consumption is determined by the boiler thermal efficiency, fuel calorific value and the actual operating conditions of the boiler.

As is known to all, industrial boiler has been indispensable heat source equipment in the production line of chemical products. The chemical enterprise purchased the SZL series biomass boiler of ZOZEN as the heat source support in the product production line. SZL series biomass steam boiler is a double-boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler. According to the actual situation of the user’s production line, ZOZEN boiler has set up several independent air silos for the grate to reasonably distribute the wind according to the characteristics and combustion situation of different biomass fuels to ensure the burnout of biomass fuels. In terms of safety, in addition to the water level safety setting stipulated by the national standard, ZOZEN boiler also adds an extremely low water level electrode protection, which is interlocked with the drum and induced draft fan to ensure the water level safety of the boiler during operation. SZL series quick installation boiler has compact structure, convenient site installation, short cycle and low cost, which can reduce the construction cost for users.

chain grate of biomass boiler

chain grate of biomass boiler

In more than 30 years of industrial boiler production, ZOZEN has developed and designed more than 400 different types of boiler products, and has 13,350 successful cases in more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad. Our products provide efficient and reliable heat sources for food industry, feed industry, printing and dyeing industry, paper industry, etc. If you are interested in our products or company, please feel free to contact us.

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