4 Ton Bamboo Biomass Fuel Steam Boiler

July 7, 2022

The 4 ton 1.25MPa bamboo biomass fuel steam boiler generally belongs to the fast assembly boiler, with wide fuel adaptability, which can burn rice husk, straw, palm husk, corn cob, bamboo, wood chips, etc. directly, or burn biomass pellets, or mix with coal. Biomass boiler price is generally based on the boiler model and technical parameters to determine, there are also auxiliary accessories brand will also have an impact on the boiler price, including valves and instruments, blowers, induced draft fans, smoke air ducts, coal economizer, dust collector, slag machine, coal machine, etc., configuration of different equipment, the whole set of 4 tons biomass boiler price is also different.

DZL series biomass fired boiler

DZL series biomass fired boiler

The 4 ton boiler burn bamboo produced by ZOZEN calculates the biomass fuel consumption based on the calorific value of the biomass fuel, as well as the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of a 4 ton biomass boiler is about 600kg~720kg per hour, which should be decided by referring to the specific furnace parameters.

DZL4-1.25-M is a biomass steam boiler model with a rated evaporation capacity of 4 tons. This DZL series package boiler can effectively save infrastructure costs and reduce the installation cycle. During the 30 years of production and sales of ZOZEN boilers, this chain grate boiler has been loved by customers in many industries, including starch factories, food factories, feed factories, garment factories, beverage factories and other fields.

ZOZEN supplied a DZL series 4tph biomass steam boiler to a textile mill to provide stable steam for the textile mill production line and ensure the efficiency and quality of sizing and yarn processing. As a professional textile manufacturer, the purchasing manager looks more at the quality of the product and the strength of the boiler company when choosing an industrial boiler supplier. ZOZEN is a well-known industrial boiler brand in the textile industry, with international certification qualifications such as ASME, CE, DOSH, etc. The boiler production base is strong with six automated production lines as well as advanced production equipment.

4000kg biomass fired steam boiler

4000kg biomass fired steam boiler

This DZL series biomass steam boiler has wide fuel adaptability and can be matched with suitable grates according to different fuel characteristics to ensure full combustion of fuel. The boiler system reasonably arranges the furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace heating surface, and adopts threaded flue tube high-efficiency heat transfer elements, and designs with advanced burners to ensure full combustion of fuel and enhance the heat transfer effect, ensuring that the boiler thermal efficiency is over 88%.

ZOZEN has more than 30 years of experience in industrial steam boilers, with a dedicated design, production and sales staff. In recent years, we have been continuously investing in technological innovation, manufacturing facility improvements and critical engineering capabilities. In addition to high quality products, ZOZEN starts with the customer’s request and our professional engineers will thoroughly analyze the customer’s needs and provide the most applicable full design solution and boiler system configuration. If you have a need to purchase a boiler, contact us now!

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