300HP Capacity Steam Boiler Price

June 6, 2022

The industrial steam boilers produced by ZOZEN Boiler Factory have high thermal efficiency, low operating costs, safety and reliability, low environmental pollution, beautiful appearance, and easy installation. The 300hp capacity steam boiler is widely used, any production line that needs steam is essential for steam boilers, such as chemical, food, paper, textile and other industries. WNS series oil gas boilers are the mainstream products of steam boilers belong to the new environmentally friendly boilers, occupying an important market position.

3000kg 1.25 mpa steam boiler

3000kg 1.25 mpa steam boiler

WNS series pot shell type horizontal boiler, as a kind of oil gas boiler, is widely praised for its compact structure, small size, high degree of automation, easy installation, safe and reliable operation, full combustion of oil gas fuel burned, and less harmful gas produced, etc. It is adopted by most oil gas boilers. WNS type oil gas boiler realizes the advantages of full combustion, no pollution emission, convenient operation, easy installation, etc.; this type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, high output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, which is an ideal high-efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green environmental protection product.

ZOZEN WNS series natural gas steam boilers are technically mature, safe and reliable products with rated capacities from 1 to 20 tons and working pressures from 1 MPa to 1.6 MPa. This packaged boiler is equipped with advanced automatic PLC electric control cabinet, which automatically adjusts the set boiler operation status, and the boiler will automatically run in an optimized and stable manner from high to low load range, and the operation operation is more effective. At the same time, the boiler manufacturer equips the boiler with advanced burner with high combustion efficiency, the flue gas is fully combusted in the wide furnace chamber, so that the emission of harmful substances is reduced, the lower heat load of the furnace chamber, so that the NOx emission is reduced, clean and environmental protection.

natural gas fired steam boiler

natural gas fired steam boiler

In the food industry, food safety is of paramount importance, so an environmentally friendly steam boiler has a direct impact on the quality of a food factory’s products. The sugar factory purchased a 300hp steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler mainly to supply heat and steam for its fully automated icing sugar production line. ZOZEN’s design team customized a WNS series two-return gas-fired steam boiler system according to the sugar factory’s production process and load curve, and the WNS series gas-fired steam boiler has a capacity of 1-20 tons/hour.

ZOZEN boilers have rich experience in serving the food industry for more than 30 years. For sugar factory customers requiring stable steam output, ZOZEN boilers design automatic control systems for the WNS series to ensure stable and controllable steam output temperature. In addition to the food industry, ZOZEN boiler products have successful cases in the feed industry, printing and dyeing industry, paper industry, and chemical industry. Our customers are very satisfied with ZOZEN’s service and product quality. Welcome to contact us!

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