2020 Oil Fired Boiler for Sale

March 10, 2020

The oil-fired boilers that we are familiar with include oil-fired water boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers, oil-fired heating boilers, oil-fired bath boilers, and oil-fired steam boilers. Oil-fired boilers are boilers that use light oil (such as diesel, kerosene), heavy oil, residue oil, or crude oil as fuel.


2020 oil boiler


Compared with gas-fired boilers and electric heating boilers, oil-fired boilers operate more economically than electric-fired boilers and are more convenient to use than gas-fired boilers. With the economic development and social progress and people’s increased awareness of environmental protection, coal-fired boilers are gradually away from people’s sight due to serious pollution, and replaced by new environmental-friendly digital boilers, such as electric heating boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, etc. Heating boilers are expensive to run, and gas boilers need to have gas pipelines. If there is no natural gas pipeline and you want low boiler operating costs, you have to choose oil-fired boilers.


Oil-fired gas boilers are different from coal-fired boilers in that they require the use of a burner to inject fuel into the boiler hearth and use a fire chamber for combustion without the use of grate facilities. Since fuel ash boiler does not produce fuel ash after combustion, the fuel gas boiler does not need slag discharge facilities. If the oil and gas sprayed into the furnace are mixed or extinguished with air within a certain range, they will easily explode. Therefore, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers need to use automated combustion and control systems. Oil-fired and gas-fired boilers have a compact structure. The small boiler body and its ventilation, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment are set on a distribution box. Large and medium-sized boilers can also be assembled and shipped.


2020 gas boiler for sale


First, the oil-fired boiler is much automated when in use

Reflected in the more effective control of water temperature, we can set the water temperature in any state, from a few degrees to a Baidu, the application is more flexible and can adapt to any demand. Another advantage is that this device will automatically stop the heating function after reaching the water temperature, saving energy, reducing unnecessary concession fees, making our operation simple, easy to learn, everyone can operate, and it is convenient for popularization.


Second, the fuel boiler is relatively safe

Its performance is when the water level is low, to prevent dry burning, the boiler will automatically stop working and issue a warning sound to remind the user, and when the water temperature is too high, the heating tube will automatically stop working to avoid the risk of explosion, so in our use It is relatively safe at all times. If a fault occurs, the device will send a signal to remind us, which will avoid unnecessary losses.

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